Index - Culture - The biggest stars of the series race on Hungarian horses

Index – Culture – The biggest stars of the series race on Hungarian horses

Equestrian acrobat László Juhász loves the horses he trains in Táborfalva, 55 km from Budapest. His horses are very famous, and they have been featured in many series – he writes repost.

Recently, we saw one of the horses in the well-deserved Netflix series, Vaják, which Geral of Rivia, aka Henry Cavill, ran on screen. The real name of the horse he met in season one, Keszeg, is Zeus, a ten-year-old half-breed from Kisbér. According to László, this horse is the quietest and best nervous of about seventy horses.

I started my movie career as a contestant, of course we have to add that I was Orlando Bloom’s double character in the Heavenly Kingdom, but I went down the donkey ladder. I must add that I have always had a struggle to choose the sport, that is, driving or shooting. I was invited to Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood in 2009, but that was when I was preparing for the World Cup and I would have preferred it. I canceled photography

He told the newspaper.

The time it takes to transform a horse into a cinematic horse varies. It doesn’t take long to get from point A to point B while shooting, but of course there are plenty of distractions for them, all kinds of noise, hustle and smoke machine. It is important for a horse to have a balanced and good nervous system. As for the actors, well, a lot of people say about themselves that they can ride, and then it turns out they don’t! Fortunately, my horses are practically vending machines, after a rehearsal or two, an actor can be planted on them, and if the task is not that complicated, it is solved smoothly. Of course they get a little bonus

he added László Juhász.

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