Index – Culture – That’s it, it’s over, the famous Hungarian band is disbanding

It is probably not an exaggeration to say that Cloud 9+ has been one of the frequent favorites of local festivals for years. The band, who mix electronic music with input instruments, were considered real gap fillers in Hungary, but the style they represent has lost much of its popularity over the years. After ten years together, the band finally decided to call it quits. that was. I finish.

These almost 11 years have been such an amazing miracle, we’ve been through so much together, and we’re so thankful for that. I think a certain style fits Cloud 9+’s sense of life, which isn’t as popular now as it was in the past. The energy that was needed for the new songs is lost, but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel for each other one hundred percent on stage. We love being on stage and breathing with our audience, and always will be

– Zsolt Szivák, the band’s singer, answered our question about what happened with these words. On Cloud 9+’s social media, he asked his fans to write down their favorite memories with the band and stay with them for the final festival season and the closing concert at Club Akvárium on October 21, 2023.

The challenge of renewal

Each member of the band feels a little differently and says something different about where the momentum broke, but if it can be linked to the time 2018-2019 is starting to take shape in them where it will be beneficial to slowly reallocate resources. The covid pandemic didn’t help either, but the most important thing for them now is to end this period in a dignified way. Odam Marco, the band’s drummer, told us as follows:

It was more of a process, in the last three years they slowed down somehow, the creative energies ran out, and obviously the covid period didn’t help that either. We love making music together, we love our songs very much, we give a thousand percent at our concerts, but the energy for renewal has somehow run out, we want to say goodbye with dignity.

The band members say they stay active in the music, although everyone does it in different ways. There will be those who focus on session music, and others on production work, but what they have in common is that music is men’s life, and they will not give it up in any way. In the words of the band’s guitarist, Bertalan Toth:

No matter what happens, the music is constant, but its expression and form change.

The boys really don’t see how this style of Cloud 9+ can survive in the galactic music scene. According to them, the local palette changed, and completely different genres gained space. Regardless, there are musicians who are positive to them too, representing valuable crowd-focused ideas, which is encouraging in every way.

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The worst thing is when we lose people

Ten years is a lot of time, the team has accumulated many memories. They have performed as one of the favorite returning guests at local festivals year after year, and have managed to play abroad several times. When asked about their most decisive positive and negative experience, they were unable to name a single event – except for the concert on the island, where Ádám Markó joined the team.

It would be impossible to list, but our theme park parties, foreign concerts, full houses, we got viral video, and I met so many new people, myself included. The most painful moment is always when we lose people

Ghabbour Buxi said.

As they say in their social media posts, in the latest festival season They want To meet as many people as possible so that they can wipe their tears with those with whom they can share this unforgettable time. According to their good habits, there will be surprises in recent shows, they say they are preparing exciting things, but this is still a secret for now.

After the Summer Concert Season, the team will make a final bid on October 21, 2023 at the Aquarium Stage.