Index - Culture - Ten young women were imprisoned for a month

Index – Culture – Ten young women were imprisoned for a month

2019 Lajos Kozma Crafts and Applied Arts students will present themselves in an extraordinary online exhibition. Cosma Gallery 19 in It had to be postponed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, but now anyone on the World Wide Web until March 17th can see where and where Hungarian polytechnics are headed.

The Lajos Kozma Craft Scholarship has been providing professional and financial support to young craftsmen since 1987, who can focus exclusively on creativity during the scholarship year.

  • Petra Dénes works on a project called Kauchukka in the name of recycling and sustainability: he produces generic waste leather soles for his designer shoes.

  • Edina Andrassy lamps are functional things, but we can also look at them as sculptural. Made from a mixture of porcelain and paper, both are organic and futuristic.
  • Gspann Zsuzsa bag set called Bambou is made from naturally degradable bamboo, the pieces can also be worn with leather accessories.
  • Sarolt Szilágyi’s works are based on fine art and art history inspiration. Symbols of the 21st century make up of today’s celebrities in Byzantine icons and sacred imagery.
  • Tünde Ruzicska’s Genius loci series: The spirit of the place consists of small carvings, the carvings are only complete with the spirit of the place spirit, and can be explained by knowing this.
  • Zalafia Zala’s collection of items was created in the spirit of environmental awareness: you used an available material almost endlessly: trash.
  • Ninetta Németh has developed an eco-friendly and biodegradable alternative to plastic shopping bags: a bag made with kombucha mushrooms.
  • Herter’s Kata Radicalis Series consists of pots that work organically with plants and formally complement them and also fulfill the needs of plants.
  • In her clothing collection, Dóra Kelemen, called Symbiosis, worked with geometrically patterned surfaces, placing various materials between the woven layers, such as the crinoline drum.
  • Nora Tinguely jewelry represents the problem of occupation of stones, as she strives through her work to achieve a balance between form and stone.
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a Cosma 19 The exhibition is open until March 17, 2021.

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