Index - Culture - Tarol is Sandra Bullock's prison drama on Netflix, not by chance

Index – Culture – Tarol is Sandra Bullock’s prison drama on Netflix, not by chance

Netflix has revealed a file unforgivable Sandra Bullock new movie. The German-American co-production has jumped to the top of the daily list of Hungary’s online video repository at the time of writing big money launderingt and squid gamealso precedes. The unforgivable It is characteristic that the protagonist, who excels in romantic comedies, this time hides in the skin of a hardened ex-prisoner who has great difficulty integrating into society after his release from prison.

The drama of the captives deals, in most cases, with how difficult it is for criminals to stay behind bars inside. The story usually ends with the convict released, with a happy ending, going to his work, and living his world. Netflix features a new, unexpectedly dark, slow-flowing, yet captivating device that is versatile due to its excellent acting gameplay and twisted plot. unforgivable So because of his choice of subject matter, he is quite striking.

Is there no excuse for a cop killer? Almost all of this establishment, Ruth Slater, played by Sandra Bullock, has been dragging behind bars for at least 20 years after murdering the local sheriff who wanted to evict her and her little brother from their home. Ruth is stuck because of her act, and now that she’s been released in good politeness, she’s looking for a job, trying to make a friendship or two, or reconnect with her sister.

The protagonist of the film has nothing easy to do, the police are standing there in front of his residence, and the sons of the deceased mayor are taking revenge on Ruth.

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Netflix movies are often reprimanded for being boring, for catching on, and for being driven by the streaming service provider for size rather than quality entertainment. The unforgivable At first glance, perhaps even from the trailer, it looks somewhat gray, although it isn’t. Sandra Bullock shows her soul in front of the cameras and it’s good to see the actress has now landed such a dramatic role.

Of course, not only him, but the rest of the cast add his own characters, and it’s a pleasure to see Vincent Donofrio pretending to be well-meaning, Viola Davis as a strict wife, and John Berthal as a man in a processing factory who is as horrible a secret as Ruth.

The unforgivable His visuals are so faint that they kill the human soul, but this movie is not about despair.

Instead, it shows that no matter how much you get on the ground, if you fight with your teeth and nails, you can get up from there. It won’t be easy, but it can be done.

Sandra Bullock in this movie really walks through Hell and into Purgatory. And in the background, the organization of avenging brother and sister who want to take revenge on the killer Rothon increases the tension. That’s why we feel like something is coming, it’s made, but the last nail is so amazing it slaps me so much that the wall gives the other one.

So this Netflix movie is a positive disappointment at its best. We do not even mind that you are staying here among viewers for several days, because with the holidays approaching, it sometimes happens that six or seven Christmas acts are on the daily list of the 10 best works in the online video library. We understand why, but a unforgivable His example shows that people are still available for rough drama, which is gratifying.

Unforgivable is available on Netflix with Hungarian subtitles and dubbing.

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