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Index – Culture – Sunday on the Mozart Index

Index – Culture – Sunday on the Mozart Index

Mozart died 230 years ago, but his music and spirituality have been part of humankind’s cultural history for centuries. The Budapest Symphony Concerto Orchestra honors Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, a genius, important composer, conductor and music teacher of classical music in Vienna.

Index readers were able to watch and hear about Beethoven’s hugely successful December Day. Concert series, And this time the Budapest concerto evokes the work of Salzburger

  • Sunday 7 March 2021.

The offer is rich and varied again. During the day, our readers can watch Mozart’s concerts live on Index YouTube and in the evening

  • Starting at 19.35, the main hall of the Music Academy will be live on our cover.

From where it will present a Budapest counter at 9 pm with a true sense of music history. Before Little Night Music opens, for the first time in Hungary, Mozart’s 94-second work will be heard by Mihaly Berich, which no one knew of his existence until January 27, 2021. The short premiere of the piece was held in Salzburg at the Mozart Week Music Festival.

Another sense of Mozart’s present day is that Angela Hewitt accepted the invitation of the Budapest concerto. Although the world-famous pianist is considered a Bach specialist by the world, he is also known and recognized as an excellent interpreter of Beethoven, Mozart, and French Impressionist composers. The Canadian pianist has already played with Andras Keeler and Concerto Budapest: the final episode of the Born Musicians series, filmed in 2018 (Imre Szabó Stein, Dávid Géczy) and winning several international awards, is built in part around Angela Hewitt.

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And lo and behold, the Mozart Day Musical!

11.00 Opening Ceremony – YouTube Channel Index

Quadruple series in D minor K. 421

Piano Quartet in G Minor, 478K

Featuring: Keeler Quartet, Angela Hewitt – Piano

16.00 Gábor Takács-Nagy and the Concerto Budapest – Index YouTube Channel

The Grace of Titus – Introduction K. 621

Piano Concerto in the flagship, K. 488

Symphony in C major, k 338

Featuring: Ivett Gyöngyösi – Piano; Budapest Concerto, s With this time: Gabor Takax Nagi

19.35 closing ceremony – Index cover and transmission minute by minute

Five counter dances as 609

Piano Concerto in D Minor

Symphony VI Flat Major, C 543

Featuring: Angela Hewitt – piano; Conductor of the orchestra: Andras Keeler

20.57 working indicator on Mozart Day Trials

With the participation of: Tamás Gerencsér, Imre Neuzer, Szabolcs Szalai

21.12 Little Night Music

Hungarian premiere of Mozart’s new piece, Allegro in D Major

Little night music

Features: Mihály Berecz – piano; Budapest Concerto, led by Andras Keeler

Follow Mozart’s Day of the Budapest Concerto with us on the index! Due to the pandemic’s tightening, this concert will likely be the last live broadcast in the pre-Easter period. Such an exciting live concert and concert movie is rarely seen in Hungary, and Sunday evenings like Beethoven’s Day live on. The concert You can also watch Mozart’s evening concert with minute-by-minute commentary.

Since 2007, the Budapest Symphony Orchestra has experienced a wide-ranging professional career under the direction of world-famous violinist Andras Keeler, and has become a major player in Hungarian cultural life. Building on this systematic build, the band has already performed in important festivals and stages around the world in recent years and will continue this path starting next season. From 2021 to 2222, the Budapest Concerto will continue to nurture the traditions of Hungarian classical music in front of an understanding audience from the United States and the United Kingdom.

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(Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in a painting by Johann Nepomuk de la Croce. Photo: UniversalImagesGroup / Getty Images Hungary)

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