Index – Culture – “Stonehenge of the North” opened

The prehistoric archaeological site is a complex of three circular structures located near Ripon, about 30 kilometers north of Leeds.

The time of its origin falls between 3500 and 2500 BC.

Circles, more than 200 meters in diameter, shall serve as gathering points for celebrations, business meetings or exhibitions. Research results indicate that the building can be clearly seen from several kilometers away.

The British government agency for cultural heritage, Historic England, believes that “Thornborough Heng is probably the most important ancient monument between Stonehenge in the southwest of England and the Orkney Islands in Scotland”.

In many ways, it is reminiscent of the already well-known Stonehenge from the southwest of England.

They also form circles and would have been built by the work of many people, which characterize how important a building must have been for its time. Remnants of its walls are still clearly visible today, and large circles can be seen from above, but at the same time they are in very poor condition, as the damaged land has been under cultivation for a long time.

Duncan Wilson, chair of History of England, described the Neolithic landscape as “a beautiful and mysterious association spanning millennia”. The memorial park was opened to the public through an agreement made in 2016 with the previous owner of the area, a construction company.

The company operated a quarry there, but gave up the area after long disputes.

Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister who is also the district’s elected representative, also spoke at the opening of Thornborough Henges. According to the Sun, the new attraction will go a long way in telling the history of the UK. The memorial park, which opened on Friday, will join a group of famous monuments that are part of British cultural heritage, such as the Iron Bridge over the River Severn, Hadrian’s Wall, which remains from Roman times, Stonehenge in southwest England or Dover. fort.