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Index – Culture – Star Wars was not as cruel as it is now

Index – Culture – Star Wars was not as cruel as it is now

Star Wars: The Acolyte received sharp criticism from the viewing public almost from the moment the first episodes of the season were published on Disney + on June 5. Even if someone was open enough and did not try to explain Woke to the production, you can clearly see that creator Leslye Headland and her team They were trying to do something unprecedented in the galaxy far, far away. With a crime thriller set in the Star Wars universe, the Jedi in full force, led by Master Sol (Lee Jong Jae), begin a cross-planetary investigation in search of the mysterious troublemakers.

The series had its weaknesses—the visuals were pretty average for a Disney production, the dialogue wobbled here and there—but at the same time, by episode five, which debuted on June 26, the tension and conflict had built to such a level that we could say that in Lucas' world, we haven't seen a Jedi massacre at the Emperor's behest since Order 66.

Star Wars: The Acolyte now ventures beyond this specious assassination when it comes to brutality.

Of course, Part 5 begins when the Jedi lined up alongside Sol, Daphne Keen's Jeki, Charlie Barnett's Jordja, and twins Osha and May (Amandla Stenberg), who have recently become close to the Order, are forced to confront a wolf. With a red lightsaber from moment to moment with the Unknown With a very interesting character, with the designers investing more than 100 percent in their work, the Sith character's audio-distorting helmet is a suitable device for a nightmare, as it looks as if they have crossed the pumpkin wrappers of Darth Vader and Kylo Ren, in a frame Horror film.

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What Mr. May pulls off in this act is truly terrifying. In addition to the character having a memorable appearance, in terms of his fighting style, the character flashes a kind of animalistic, chaotic fighting style that Star Wars hasn’t come close to since. A cloaked Palpatine unleashes himself on Mace Windu and the Jedi who are about to arrest him with a Force Scream. Acolyte’s Sith display is similarly terrifying, and the stunt team does a great job of contrasting his fighting style with the more calm and composed style of the Sol Masters.

The result of this last factor is that in the final act of Star Wars: The Acolyte, the main characters, the good guys, are dropping like flies. There are those who are regularly pierced by the main villain with his lightsaber,

And I wasn't really prepared for the fact that I would see a Jedi's neck snapped with noble simplicity right on Disney+.

Series creator Leslye Headland said in a roundtable discussion, which Index also participated in, that in this series they are paying attention to the fact that Legends fans are also getting elements that we haven't seen in canon so far. The showrunner wasn't paying attention when he said this, because with the main Sith villain, who uses extremely difficult methods to cut down the Jedi, Star Wars: The Acolyte pays homage to “ulceration“It is also an extremely rare metal, and has the special property of absorbing energy, like light bulbs, which, let's face it, isn't bad when you're fighting Jedi.

Star Wars: The Acolyte was a bit of a disappointment at first, at least for me, because instead of telling the story from the Sith's point of view, we got another series focused on the Jedi Order. Now, with this bloodthirsty horror episode, the Headlands are sharpening their teeth a bit, after all, the Sith mysticism has advanced as much as it has ever done before during the trilogy of films, among other things, we also discovered exactly what the Acolyte Mode can cover the Dark Force -in order of users.

This, namely the expansion of the universe, the deepening of the mystery, the omission of the Skywalkers, and the stronger reliance on elements that work in the mythology, was also necessary to see in the previous Star Wars series. Especially when you bring in episodes like this, despite the fact that the series still reminds us of a feature film, we finally get memorable speeches and exciting dialogue as well as amazing lightsabers. This is a rarity in Star Wars content, especially these days.


Star Wars: The Acolyte can be watched on Disney+, with Hungarian dubbing and subtitles.