Index - Culture - Scandal at Caesar's Party: A naked French actress

Index – Culture – Scandal at Caesar’s Party: A naked French actress

The largest celebration of French cinema took place on March 12th at the famous Olympia Theater in Paris Caesar Gala Actress Corinne Massiero stripped naked at the awards ceremony. In so doing, he protested the closure of cultural institutions, and at the same time expressed his solidarity with independent artists, who had been completely impossible due to the epidemic.

The actress arrived at the awards ceremony wearing a provocative outfit, wearing a yellow jacket worn by the French during the demonstration, on which she proudly wore the phrase “No Culture – No Future”,

Then he put on an even more special costume before the awards ceremony: he wore bloodstained donkey skin.

He was to hand over the Best Costume Award to In typical attire. He also dropped this, turned around, showed his bare buttocks and back, and sent a message to the audience and to the French Prime Minister, Jean Castex:

Give us backArt jean

This is

Give us back the art, Jean.

It was written on the bare back.

Catherine Deneuve was wearing donkey skin at the time in the 1970 Jack Demi movie, similar. The actress’ personal grievances have remained lurking since, when she ordered a certain costume from production at the time, she didn’t get it, saying it was too expensive. He asked about it:

bezzeg Catherine Deneuve is not that expensive?

In addition to protest and solidarity action, Massiero also mentioned this personal grievance. Despite this, the award ceremony also shows the ever-increasing tension that artists around the world carry.

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