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Index – Culture – Online French Film Festival for a month

Index - Culture - Online French Film Festival for a month

By mid-February, ten French films will be shown in Cinegon. a The works selected for the festival, organized by MyFrenchFilmFestival, UniFrance and the French Institute, are in French, but most are accompanied by subtitles in Hungarian and English. Feature films are charged, but there are also 20 animated short films available for free the page.

Specific actions:

If you had to grow up
2019 French documentary, 135 min
Director: Sebastian Lifshitz
In French, with subtitles in English and Hungarian

Emma and Anna are close friends, but their lives differ in nearly everything, from their social background to their personalities. The film follows teens from 13 to adulthood, and shows a drastic change in their daily lives. Through their personal history, a strange picture emerges of France and its recent history.

You too have love
2019 French romantic movie 99 min
Director: Hafsieh Harzi
In French, with subtitles in English and Hungarian

Laila loves Reem more than anything, so she has a hard time experiencing her betrayal and the breakup. One day, Remy announced that he was going to Bolivia to reflect on his life and understand his mistakes. This gives the girl the feeling that the two story is not over yet. Between controversy, consolation and confidence in love to madness, Laila drifts farther and farther.

Photo 020

what is his size!
2020, French comedy, 101 min
Director: Sophie LeTurnor
In French, with subtitles in English and Hungarian

Claire is a rare talent for a pianist. She travels the world with the help of her husband and agent Frederick. They live in perfect harmony, and they don’t even want children. But on his Paris trip to New York, Frederick will witness a birth in which a very latent paternal desire is awakened. After changing his wife’s pill, Claire wakes up to her worst nightmare, which is that she is pregnant.

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2019, french comedy, 88 min
Director: Bruno Merle
In French, with subtitles in English and Hungarian

11-year-old Tommy travels again with his eccentric parents. His newly released father this time promised him that he would not miss the first day of school. Of course, this happens before he steals a sports car, his mother vanishes, and an astronaut appears – literally out of nowhere.


Children only
2019, French drama, 102 min
Director: Christophe Blank
In French, with English subtitles.

After the three brothers, Jack, Lisa, and Mathis lose their parents, they have to fight for themselves. 19-year-old Jack proposes to be the guardian of his brothers, and soon he is responsible for everything: in addition to his future, for his soon-to-be-grown sister, but especially for his ten-year-old brother. Lisa leaves town to move to the south of France. Jack, who runs off with his brother, decides likewise. Adventure, rebooting, gives them strength while also carrying their past on their shoulders.


2019 French drama 90 minutes
Director: Boris Logkin
In French, with subtitles in English and Hungarian
Locarno International Film Festival 2019 – Audience Award

Camille, a young and idealistic photojournalist, travels to Central Africa to report on the impending civil war. And not only the country, but soon you will be caught in the whirlwind of events.


1950 French Fantasy movie 95 minutes
Director: Jean Cocteau
In French, with English subtitles

Jean Cocteau’s classics puts the tragedy of Orpheus in the present. The story consists of a series of poetic metaphors, which are often difficult to decipher. The poet Orpheus meets the princess of death who completely enchants him. When the princess sends assassins against the man’s wife, Euridike, she sets off in search of Orpheus’ wife.


Heroes never die
2019 French drama 85 minutes
Director: I’d like Leah Rabin
In French, with English subtitles.

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After a stranger stops Joachim on a street in Paris, he begins to believe that he is a reincarnation of a Serbian soldier who died the same day he was born. He travels to Bosnia with his girlfriend Alice and a young film crew to learn about his past life. The war’s past still haunts the country, and Joachim finds immortality.


2020 is a 74-minute French-Belgian-Spanish animated film
Directors: Uriel, Frederic Chilo
In French, with subtitles in English and Hungarian

February 1939. Spanish Republicans flee to Franco’s dictatorship in France. The French government places refugees in concentration camps that restrict their freedom, with few access to toilets, water and food. In a barbed wire camp, two men make friends. One is a guard and the other is Josep Bartoli, a painter fighting Franco’s regime.


2019, Swiss documentary, 93 min
Director: Stefan Reithhauser
In French, with English subtitles.

An intimate conversation between a grandmother and her granddaughter about gender, gender issues and identity transmission. In the documentary made from the family archive, the director sensitively shows how his grandmother struggles with generational differences between them, as well as the conservative patriarchal society in Switzerland.

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