Index - Culture - Netflix teaches you to sleep, but you inject the next part

Index – Culture – Netflix teaches you to sleep, but you inject the next part

Earlier this year, Netflix launched its Headspace series – A Guide to Meditation, which, through exciting illustrations, tells about the benefits of brain training while teaching a different meditation technique at the end of each section. Now we can learn to sleep from the same team.

Like a good recipe, Comfortable Sleep consists of several components that allow everyone to dedicate the period of physical and mental recharge for their own life. Similar to the meditation series, the sleep guide consists of parts of about twenty minutes in duration, and each episode can be divided into two parts: in the first half we obtain information about sleep, followed by the relaxation technique.

It is worth treating this series as an introductory lesson as the teacher guides you through the annual curriculum and students begin what awaits them in the coming months. The sleep guide gives you a bit of a flair for everything, but it doesn’t leave you with the basics, so it’s ideal to start a journey, but a miracle can’t be expected from it. The illustration here is also a hit, as it maximizes spoken information while being beautiful and imaginative.

On the Similoyes University website readableThat in 2018, 9 percent of the Hungarian population suffered from chronic insomnia. Abnormal insomnia means when a person sleeps poorly than is good for at least three months with a chance for a restful sleep. But it is not necessary to indulge in extreme extremes, as it can actually have a negative impact on life if one sleeps poorly for a few nights in a row.

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Poor or poor sleep leads to poor focus, attention, irritability and aggression, but it also produces physical symptoms such as nausea and headache. It also affects the immune system, mental and physical health in the long term. So it is not pointless to learn to sleep well.

Sleep habits changed radically with the industrial revolution: wakefulness is no longer associated with sunlight, as one can continue being active in the light of oil lamps. This is exacerbated by the fact that the blue light emitted by their tech devices nowadays not only pushes the boundaries of wakefulness, but by inhibiting melatonin production in the body makes falling asleep more difficult. Therefore, it is not worth staring at screens while lying in bed.

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The series takes a look at the most basic myths, such as whether you should train before going to bed or whether you should quit caffeine, or how much you can put in a glass or two of wine before going to bed. It turns out we can do a much better job of getting up at the same time than going to bed at the normal times. The series also talks about how stress causes a rhythm or reaction in the brain that makes a tired person unable to sleep. It doesn’t go deep into the topics, it doesn’t go into much depth, and it’s no wonder if you pass key information through the sections in no more than five to ten minutes.

However, what makes it worth indulging in the Seven Parts is that it makes you realize that relaxation exercises are especially beneficial. Fortunately, both the original novel and the Hungarian dubbing have a calming effect, and the following sentence is said in the first part:

Let’s start with the first episode, which by its end I hope you aren’t awake anymore.

Note that Netflix will load the next episode within a few seconds at the end of each episode, so relaxation is not an automatic option. On the other hand, this series, supplemented by the Meditation Guide series released in January, can give a major boost to those who wish to pause at night to be consciously and actively present in their daytime lives.

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