Index - Culture - Netflix has created a very surreal competition

Index – Culture – Netflix has created a very surreal competition

It is certain that many have played the simple game in their childhood that you can only drive in a house or apartment without stepping on the ground and driving only on furniture. In America, this game is called Floor Is Lava, which means that the earth is made of lava and whoever steps on it dies instantly. Few might have thought that the former baby play would someday be a TV show, but that’s exactly what Netflix did with its game show Floor is Lava, for which its first preview was released.

The test will now be published on Netflix throughout the weekend. At first, the concept seems impossible nonsense, like an in-house Exatlon more than something very original. However, Netflix has proven time and time again that it is well-versed in reviving TV genres that have been leveled for many years. This was Too Hot To Handle, who discovered truths about sexuality, or Rhythm + Flow, who rocked the already boring singing talent scout by focusing exclusively on rap. This is why it’s easy to imagine Netflix pulling something unexpected here, too.

At first glance, Floor is Lava turns the Ninja Warrior / Exatlon formula upside down, putting contestants in an environment much more exciting than the aforementioned shows. Depending on the trailer, the point here also is that players should not just drop in the water, but here they should not jump on sports equipment, but on floating dining tables, cabinets, sofas and other everyday furnishings that can be found in the apartment.

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Floor is Lava will be appearing on Netflix on June 19.

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