Index - Culture - Netflix can now be watched offline

Index – Culture – Netflix can now be watched offline

The streaming service provider, announced that, as of today, all users can download Netflix series and movies for free. This is also huge news because a lot of subscribers complain about not being able to use the app on, say, planes, trains, or in patchy areas of the Internet, although the trip is fine if you have few TV seasons.

The download code has been entered in the datasheet of the movies and series, which when clicked will find itself on our devices at the moment of the selected episode or movie, and you will no longer need the Internet to play it. Spotify, for example, has been around for quite some time now that we can download our favorite music within the app and then listen offline without pulling our traffic too hard. The decision may come as a bit surprising, as Netflix has previously opposed downloadable movies. However, their competitors, such as Amazon Prime, have already offered this opportunity in the past, so company executives have also softened a bit in their opposition to the download.

Not all content is available for download on Netflix yet, but Examples highlighted in communication (Orange is the New Black, Narcos, The Crown) are all self-produced, so it will likely take some time before they are legally resolved to make all other shows available for download. To achieve development, it is enough to update the application, but it is now available to Americans only.

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