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Index – Culture – Netflix brings us the wildest cowboys in the Garbage Wild West

Index - Culture - Netflix brings us the wildest cowboys in the Garbage Wild West

There has been no shortage of Western specials on Netflix lately. There was Tom Hanks, a peaceful cowboy whose job was to tour the cities and read the daily news for the illiterate. Idris Elba first a urban cowboyIntroduced a traditional clan, then appeared in a loud “blaxploitation” focused exclusively on the heroes of the black pistol.

And on the first of December he ran dog power Starring Benedict Cumberbatch, who got all his recent Western experiences under the rug.

In one loose motion. Directed by Jane Campion from 1993 piano LessonHe earned high self-esteem, but since then hasn’t been able to make much of a lasting impression. In terms of cinema, at least because the BBC is running top of the lake, which the creative professional dreamed of, and committed few of the crimes better for him.

between the claws of the dog There was some interesting news beforehand about the movie. Cumberbatch made headlines by being intoxicated with nicotine three times while getting ready for filming. He trained not only how to smoke, but also how to roll a cigarette with one hand. In addition, in the New Zealand recordings of Becoming One with the character, the British star also neglected to shower.

Netflix’s new Western takes us back to 1925, where we can meet the fraternal couple, Phil and George Burbank. These are the talented men who make their living raising animals. Of the two, George, played by Jesse Plemons, is the eye of a widow, Rose Gordon (Kirsten Dunst), whom she has been married to for a while. Yes, but she also has a son who, looking at her, cannot imagine living in the Wild West. Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee) is slim, feminine, without a beard, and is more interested in science and poppies in the meadow than archery and hardening.

And through his gameplay, Benedict Cumberbatch adds a few more scoops to the Scratched Man’s intolerance from the base, so by the end of his two-hour playing time, we can get to know one of the Wild West’s most disgusting characters ever.

According to the laws of the wild west We’ve already seen on Netflix that although the cast is well chosen, if the writing and directing are poor, the end result will not be available. The Jane Campions has a great selection as well and although it is a slow story and needs time to mature, it is between the claws of the dog One of the greatest movie experiences of the year. Already if someone has patience for that.

In the movie, we can see how one person, in this case played by Cumberbatch, can ruin a family’s life. The wife becomes addicted to alcohol, the husband prefers to flee from his brother, and the fragile custodian son is forced to endure male harassment and ridicule more and more. We don’t even hint where the story is going, because that’s how the epilogue is really going to turn out. However, music composer Johnny Greenwood has serious advantages in getting catharsis out of production.

The melodies heard in the film are able to shift the tension to 120 percent in most scenes, with the story progressing very slowly.

Jane Campion may have just returned to the Hollywood map. between the claws of the dog Instead of bringing the usual action-packed West, it’s an intimate Wild West drama, with taboo eroticism, realistic adaptations, and simple but bone-piercing drama around its neck.

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We’d be pretty surprised if Benedict Cumberbatch didn’t get his second Oscar nomination, either. From Phil, a guy’s stomach turns upside down, and even days later the bad feeling remains there when we think about that number. It’s rare for someone to play a negative character with such precision. We also tip our hats to Cumberbatch twice.

Among the dog’s paws, Netflixen is also available with Hungarian dubbing and subtitles.

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