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Index – Culture – Nail clipping etiquette: Do you use other nail clippers?

Index - Culture - Nail clipping etiquette: Do you use other nail clippers?

We all have bike acquaintances who religiously pursue riding. Jeans are constantly draped over their right legs, and a bicycle chain is always thrown over their shoulders like a rosary. These people are just willing to ride bikes in the rain, snow, winter and summer. They only call us on the phone while cycling. At times like these, they communicate with us from the back of a wire donkey, through a windswept microphone, and of course we don’t understand a single word of it. Of course, they only call me at this time because they have nothing to do better when they go from A to B and want to entertain themselves by talking to us.

from We also really love when our friends smoke, eat and drink while talking. As they chew, they groan and raise their fingers so the other doesn’t start talking while swallowing the actual sting.

We’ve also been freaked out by people not knowing where to cut their nails.

In the middle of the city, for example, we met a man who was nibbling on the open street. But we also had a friend who cut her toenails on our bed in the middle of our bed, along with our nail clippers. We think this is punishable, we would very much like to call the police for such people.

Perhaps there are no condominiums in Hungary where the residential community would be stress-free.

Everyone has a role to play, the same characters live everywhere. There is, for example, a resident who uses the gang for storage, collects, and shows various strange furniture around his apartment. Then there are those who use the lobby as a club and for smoking. There is the heartless aunt who listens to Kossuth radio for two hundred percent, and on better days she cooks fish that smells like the whole house. But of course we are the worst residents who use common spaces as vegetable gardens, are noisy, and their cats abuse the entire residential community. We are the residents who were called by the owner, who was called by the general representative, who was called by the caretaker, who was called by the neighbor’s 80-year-old aunt that we had heard loudly the night before. We are the noisy neighbors who make singing videos at dawn.

For some reason, you can hardly find ordinary chocolate, lemon and vanilla ice cream for years, each taste is an overwhelmed, indescribable combination, incomprehensible taste. The obsession, for example, is that all ice creams are flavored with lavender, basil and sea buckthorn. And then there’s when the name of the ice cream doesn’t reveal what it tastes like at all.

We also tend to get nervous about going to a shared restaurant with friends.

Basically, friends are always late, moreover, there is never a discussion about whether there will be a joint salary. Of course, everyone orders crab, expensive champagne, wives measured in gold. We’re already sweating by this time because we’re not very hungry and we don’t want to spend a lot. Then when we get to the paycheck, our friends keep saying “Throw it away guys”. Obviously, no one likes to be the guy who starts restricting, that he consumes less, that he doesn’t drink expensive champagne, that he doesn’t eat cancer. Normally we want to settle the bill separately.

Márkó is making a video on this topic this week on Instagram Write the best stories.

So we were worried about these things this week. Remember, Márkó and Barna Síkideg will reappear next week with a high-voltage podcast.

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