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Index – Culture – Mozart Live Concert Sunday evening at Index

Index – Culture – Mozart Live Concert Sunday evening at Index

Index and the Budapest Concerto bring classical music home again on Sunday afternoons and evenings. Viewers and readers can now follow him for the third time in his globally unique collaboration Contents On the front page, the band’s closing concert, whose cinematic excitement is broadcast by Imre Stein Szabó as principal director and producer, and credits concept art to András Keller.

The big hit 2020 Beethoven dayAnd last year Mozart day and the Brahms party Then we can again enjoy Mozart’s music live from the Academy of Music on Sunday, March 5, 2023. This year, the main character is the real star, Mikhail Pletnyov, today the most mysterious and one of the greatest pianists of Mozart in the world.

Mozart’s music is timeless, tireless, majestic and playful at the same time, dramatic and balanced, and can appeal to all ages. Andras Keller knows this too, he is staging Mozart’s Day at the Academy of Music with his Budapest Concerto for the sixth time.

The purpose of Mozart’s Day is “only” to be happy with this wonderful, inexhaustible source of music

– said András Keller, and indeed, there is no need to prepare better than this for this spring Sunday, when we will be able to choose among the various works of Mozart. The orchestra’s performers are joined by such Hungarian conductors as the famous star of the world music scene, Gabor Takacs-Nagy, and the world-famous pianist Mikhail Pletnyov, to whom Mozart’s music is especially close.

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On March 5, 2023, Mozart Day

  • opening ceremony 17.45-from They can be seen on on his YouTube channelAnd
  • Evening 19.30-circle The closing ceremony will be broadcast live on the first page of the index.
Budapest Concerto at Index

Art Director: Andras Keeler

Production Manager: Gergely locksmith

Announcer: Andras Komlos

Principal Director: Emre Sabo Stein

Concerto selection of Mozart’s Sunday Budapest Concertos, which can be heard live at the index:

On the Index channel on YouTube from 5:45 p.m

  • Mozart: Piano Concerto in C Minor K. 491
  • Mozart: Symphony in D major (Prague), K. 504

Contributor: Mikhail Pletnyov, piano

Directed by: Gabor Takaks-Nagy

Renowned pianist Mikhail Pletnyov and frequent guest of the Budapest Concerto Ensemble, Gabor Takacs-Nagy, will perform two monumental works by the composer’s giant, the Piano Concerto in C minor and the Prague Symphony in the Great Hall of the Academy of Music.

The unique Mozart interpretation of Mihail Pletnev, a world star famous for his expressive playing style and considered by many to be Mozart’s greatest pianist, and the suggestive figure of Gabor Takács-Nagy, combined with the sensitive music of the Budapest Concerto, will certainly give the opening concert audience a special experience.

On the first page of the index from 7:30 p.m

  • Mozart: Symphony in G minor, K. 550
  • Mozart: Piano Concerto in D minor, K 466

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  • Mozart: Symphony in C major (Jupiter), K. 551

Contributor: Mikhail Pletnyov, piano

Orchestra conductor: Andras Keller

Mozart’s music brings back the lost paradise, as he was able to show in sounds the wonder of human existence. Both joy and pain sound loud, yet simply and naturally in his works. If we surrender to his music, we can find peace

Said Andras Keller on the occasion of Mozart Day. Organized in Mozart’s honor, Mikhail Pletnyov and Andras Keller and the Budapest Concertos closed the thematic day with this lavish concert, offering the audience of the Academy of Music an experience of a lifetime.

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Since 2007, the Budapest Symphony Concerto Orchestra, under the direction of the world-renowned violinist Andras Keller, has enjoyed a brilliant career and has become a very important player in the local cultural life. Based on this systematic build, the band has already appeared in important festivals and stages around the world in recent years, and will continue on this path in the future. The Budapest Concerto is a huge hit in 2022 before an appreciative audience in the UK. Imre Stein-Szabo directed a documentary about the tour, which was shown in Hungary by

(Cover photo: Sindor Pinky)