Index - Culture - #MeToo inspired a new series of Netflix scandals

Index – Culture – #MeToo inspired a new series of Netflix scandals

In 2017, Hollywood ideals were fundamentally shaken when a famous American filmmaker, Harvey Weinstein, revealed that she had been harassing and raping women for years, and in many cases her victims were actresses who have been offered male roles in prison since then. Since then, a number of artists and performers have fallen into a similar scandal, such as Kevin Spacey and Louis CK, ex-men who molested men before the latter inadvertently masturbated. The #MeToo movement has taken off all of them, as the affected and exploited women and men stood before the eyes of the public, showing no courage.

In recent years, these scandals have led to more and more talk about sexual consent or harassment of women in the workplace. Among these two topics are the new Netflix success series, anatomy scandal Which premiered on April 15 with its first season, it has since become the most watched series in many countries, including the Americas and Hungary.

The anatomy scandal It is about the influential British politician, James Whitehouse (Robert Friend), who seems to have a perfect life: he is good with the Prime Minister, earns a lot, is successful in his business, and can relax at home with his beautiful wife, Sophie (Sienna Miller) and her children. Whitehouse’s daily life becomes truly nerve-wracking when one of the most-read national newspapers reads that she was having an affair with one of her subordinates.

If all that wasn’t enough, at first, there was a bigger twist in the scandal – and now it is spoiler We’ll go to everyone who doesn’t want to know they can still close their eyes – as young parliamentary analyst Olivia Leighton (Naomi Scott) came up with the tail and told the world she was raped by a minister.

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From here, a twisted drama begins, with James, Sophie, and Olivia at the center, and it probably won’t surprise anyone that there’s still a secret to where the above came from. Among the heroic couple, Robert Friend and Sienna Miller make the most of the divorcee, with the former playing an increasingly tormented politician, and the latter playing a very persistent but deeply sad wife. In addition to these, Kate Woodcroft (Michelle Dockery), a ruthless prosecutor who wants to pinch the alleged rapist at all costs, has a major role to play.

It’s almost a miracle to get excited about the characters because the textbook is shoddy and the characters are constantly left with sentences that no real person in life would ever say.

It’s a serious problem because it shocked us so hard from enjoying art. Don’t get me wrong, even if that’s the case anatomy scandal The political series that sometimes falters due to the neglect of the book, is very interesting, and if the story captivates, one will not be able to stop until the end of the sixth part.

The creator, David E. Kelley, recently released a series of hands like Big Little Lies and the Mr. Mercedes, It’s a little surprising, then, that Specialist has just taken a trip to the genre, Shonda Rhimes’ specialty. Let’s say it’s understandable that Kelly loves the new mods and is so passionate about reworking them, and now just the Sarah Vaughan story, which is our home here. The natural history of the scandal It was published in 2018.

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The anatomy scandal It’s an odd series because in addition to delving into a very important issue, #MeToo, it cleans up the trash category in places. It is enough to think of strange visual and cinematic solutions: when the main characters get a lot of recognition, they throw themselves like they’ve hit 220.

I mean, they literally throw their back, it’s worth a look, I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it.

An impressive solution, however one starts on the next part because it is driven by curiosity. All in all, a soap opera frame, horrible textbook, and gimp photography covers the percussion series. We just have to be amazingly patient as spectators to make it clear, because until Part Three, only the foundation goes, spiced with some drama. However, from there, the emotional roller coaster turned into a complete makeover, and you can more or less enjoy the ride to the finish, which was once again a great head scratcher. (6.5 / 10)

The Anatomy of a Scandal is available on Netflix with Hungarian dubbing and subtitles.

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