Index - Culture - Matt Denis Joseph

Index – Culture – Matt Denis Joseph

Joseph Denis, the famous Seged-born Hungarian composer, an artist, singer and guitarist deserving of the Hungarian Knight of Merit, died on the afternoon of March 15 at the age of seventy-two. The news was announced by his brother on his community page, he writes Zegeder.

Joseph Denis has practiced his art since 1963, and in 1966 he was the founding member and songwriter of the Seged Orchestra. In 1967, he became known nationally for his song Career, which he co-wrote with Miklós Veress, for which he won second place at the first Hungarian Pulp Festival. Because of his style and performance, he has often been compared to American rock legend Bob Dylan, who was referred to as “Bob Mellon”.

Despite the fact that the Hungarian Record Company was very popular and performed in many places, she refused to set a record with her until 1985, and even then the lead track song Infinite was censored. Five years after the album’s release, his thirty-five-song album, China and Defiance, by Poets’ Poems was released.

However, at a later date, the Aranialmas Publishing House, which was founded in the 1990s, published all of its previously unpublished collected work. Only then was his art really revealed, as he edited a series of lectures from five centuries of poetry in the Hungarian language, and even founded a free school, introducing his own trinity of history, literature and music.

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