Index - Culture - Marie Turitschik: Thank you for praying for me!

Index – Culture – Marie Turitschik: Thank you for praying for me!

Mary Turesic, nearby, is better Treated for a month With pneumonia in the hospital. Three times, twice Jászai Mari and award-winning actress Balázs Béla, a worthy and excellent artist, Kossuth announced the good news: An employee of BlikkHe informed readers of his letter of his presence.

Thanks for praying for me! Loving people means a lot, I know a lot of people – and they believe in it – they want me to recover. Fortunately, I am much better, although I am not discharged from the hospital yet, but my results are improving. I hope I can go home again after the vacation

Mary Turesic told the newspaper. Her ex-husband and close friend Gyula Bodrugi was also happy to be able to speak to the actress after a long absence, the newspaper also spoke to her.

They said it was better than before, but we were unable to speak on the phone. That’s why I thought, if you get really good, you’ll tell me yourself. I was so happy to hear his voice, I was sensitive, I felt relieved. It was good to talk to him, I hope he is released soon and after that I can visit

– said Giula Bodrugi, who also responded to the fact recently They sparked the news of the actress’s death On the social site. As he said, it is still incomprehensible who came up with such nonsense, but – as Gyolla Bodrugi said – who spread the news of his death, lives a long time, and Mary proves it.

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