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Index – Culture – Madach Theater warns of fraud ahead of one of its biggest premieres

Index – Culture – Madach Theater warns of fraud ahead of one of its biggest premieres

Madach Theater drew attention to the abuses in a social media post. They ask their viewers to only buy tickets from trusted sources, so as not to fall victim to scammers. Copies look very similar to real tickets, so it’s easy to fall prey to counterfeiters.

The show, coming this fall, is considered one of the Madách Theater’s biggest premieres Pretty woman. And although the day of the performance has yet to come, theater staff have noticed that fake tickets, which look very much like the real ones, are beginning to circulate. The play is already very popular in advance with all tickets sold out for many performances, which is why it may have attracted the attention of scammers.

The foundation has not yet commented on exactly how the breach was discovered, but in a post on Facebook they assured viewers that they had taken the necessary steps to put an end to the incidents as soon as possible. In addition, the Madách Theater asks its viewers to purchase tickets exclusively on its website, from official ticket sellers or at the theatre’s box office.

Three offers

The screenplay for the famous story was written on stage by Garry Marshall and JF Lawton based on the original film, and the music was composed by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance. In the Hungarian version, Timea Arani, Petra Jobek and Brigitta Zambo will play the female lead, while Adam Pesak and Adam Solti will play the male lead. And on premiere weekends, September 15 and 17, viewers will be able to see three performances of the musical in three days.

The English translation of the prose text of the work was done by Giorgi Barathi, while the lyrics were worked on by Ferenc Barany. The show’s musical director was Géza Köteles, the costumes were designed by Nóra Rományi, the sets and animation were designed by András Vízvárdi, and Ákos Tihanyi was in charge of the choreography. The musical is directed by Tamas Zertz.