Index - Culture - Listen to the new Disney movie that hit the world

Index – Culture – Listen to the new Disney movie that hit the world

The new Disney movie is Charm At first, it seemed to slip away from audiences that the tale performed poorly in cinemas, even as it brought in $223 million worldwide for the big studio. The production was only on the big screen in America and Canada for 30 days before it hit Disney+. On Christmas Day, the streaming service provider arrived CharmThen there was a marked increase in interest in the film.

People have come to realize that Walt Disney Animation Studios’ 60th movie isn’t just a special because it’s the first production so far to be shown in Colombia. But because it tells a delightful family story like that rarely seen.

The heroine of the story is a girl named Mirabel, who stands out from her crowded family because, unlike the others, she does not have special abilities. It was a magic candle so prized by the Madrigal family, who gave him impossibly great strength, better-than-average hearing, or even a talent that made him understand the language of animals. Mirabel is literally the black lamb, but the path the character takes can be a true story not only for her but also for the viewer.

the Charm At this year’s Golden Globe, it won Best Animated Feature, but was also nominated for its music in two categories. It’s always been well known in Disney movies that they have amazing entries, and that’s enough AladdinOutside, the king lionra, a Pocahontasra, a Tarzanra or a Hercules to think. And these dance scenes – the singer are not at all a waste of time, they also give the story, often coming to life on their own and becoming a hit.

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In early 2022, everyone is humming. We are not talking about Bruno

This is what happened Charm In Bruno’s case, one of the songs in the movie, We’re Not Talking About Bruno, got huge. It has been listened to by over 105 million people on YouTube, and at the time of writing, it is ranked number 22 on the platform. The song was also picked up on TikTok, and users made a number of short videos featuring popular tunes.

We’re not talking about Bruno going from number four on the Billboard Hot 100 to number four this week, making it the most successful song ever played in a Disney movie. Yes, he even crushed Let It Goth in the Ice Magic, which he couldn’t advance to fifth that year.

The composer of the new Disney movie, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is currently at the peak of his career. in the heights and the Tag, put… Boom! And now you can tell for yourself that one of the biggest hit songs of the new year has been added. So far, at least, who knows what 2022 has in store.

The song, despite being ahead of Let It Goth in popularity according to Billboard, is sure to remain unbeaten in terms of the number of Academy Awards it has won. Disney didn’t nominate this song from Encanto, but they nominate a song called Dos Oruguitas for the Encanto Awards.

(Source: Billboard)

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