Index - Culture - Last year's pirate favorite Marvel series

Index – Culture – Last year’s pirate favorite Marvel series

In 2021, WandaVision was the most downloaded TV show on torrent sites. The popular Disney+ series pushed the Mandalorian series off the pirate-built throne and topped the list last year. Loki took second place, which was also a Marvel production, and my bronze medal went to Netflixes Butter. TorrentFreak From the year-end summary.

The list topped Battle of Thrones for several years in a row, but the end of the series also meant losing the number one spot.

WandaVision seamlessly took first place in the list dominated by the Marvel series. The series was also a hit on Disney+ and pirate sites, with each episode being downloaded millions of times by viewers.

The Soldier of the Falcon and Winter took fourth place in the list of the most illegally downloaded series, but it was not far from the third place on the platform.

Of course, torrent traffic does not fully reflect the viewing data, especially since series that appear in the season package, i.e. do not debut weekly, do not increase downloads per episode. This is how the big money laundering and Squid game didn’t make it to the top ten.

But it’s clear that Disney and Marvel Studios shut down a successful year after 2020, with many downloads after a terrible pandemic. Both series and movies have a fruitful period behind them, and fortunately fans have not only rewarded them with illegal downloads. The Spider-Man: Inevitable films released since the beginning of the pandemic, the first films to go global in terms of revenue Billion dollarHowever, the film debuted at the end of the year.

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The list of top 10 TorrentFreak is as follows:

1. WandaVision

2. loki

3. Vajack (The Witcher)

4. The Hawk and the Winter Soldier

5. hook

6. What if…?

7. Enterprise

8. Rick and Morty

9. mysterious

10. wheel of time

(Cover Photo: WandaVision. Photo: IMDB)

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