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Index – Culture – Katia Tombos heard the thunderous applause from her sickbed

Index – Culture – Katia Tombos heard the thunderous applause from her sickbed

Latest works by Janos Lakfe, bearish Alle Management will present the drama titled MOMKult on June 15, 2024. Jeonji Porkulab, the show's production director, told Index: The creative team will donate the entire income of the premiere to Katja Tompos' medical treatment.

As the Index previously wrote, Tombos award-winning actress Katja Jaszay-Marie suffers from a rare form of cancer for which there is no proper treatment in Hungary. The current stages of her medical treatment abroad – unlike the previous ones – are not funded by the state, and the costs incurred so far have already exhausted Katia's financial resources, reserves and the amount previously collected by her friends, so she and her family went public at the beginning of May with the help of the Fabien Joly Memorial Foundation with a request. for help.

Now Alle Management has also joined the #szeretünkátya campaign, so Porkoláb Gyöngyi Inspired by his podcast bearish All proceeds from the first performance will be used to treat the artist.

Janos Lackfy's play sheds light on the most interesting questions about father-son relationships.

The show is directed by the director of the Bartók Chamber Theater in Dunaújváros, Áron Őze, and plays the characters Robert Marton and Gergely Sebe. All proceeds from tickets purchased for June 15 will go to the fund set up by the Fabien Joly Memorial Foundation for Katja's medical treatment.

Katia Tombos heard the thunderous applause

“It's amazing how much love and dedication the colleagues promise,” music editor Robert Hrutka told Index ahead of the evening at the Szeged National Theater on May 25. As he said, Katia Tombos also knows all this, the messages from fans and supporters reach him, and he feels the love flowing towards him.

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actress His friend and creative partner now Major cities In response to his query, he said that although Katya could not be on the show, he knows what happened, because he called her on the phone.

I wanted you to know, and hear with your own ears, how many people love you. If only his name was mentioned, applause would erupt, and how many people would trust in his recovery. Katya heard it and I know she liked it very much

Robert Hrutka, an Artisjus Award-winning musician, composer and producer, told the newspaper.

According to the article, Katia Tombos is currently in the hospital and is giving all her energy to recover. “He is said to remain very weak and needs time to recover,” they wrote.

By the way, the group went very well, there are no exact numbers yet, but they are certainly hopeful. The collaboration that has developed is wonderful, and we cannot be grateful enough for it

Robert Hrutka said.