Index - Culture - Judith Rees: I get Peter Gothar

Index – Culture – Judith Rees: I get Peter Gothar

Is this the first time you’ve seen a movie in a movie theater?

Last year, when it was originally going to be presented.

How did it feel to look at everything, see what happened in scenes, and watch yourself?

It was a special shot from Peter’s point of view that showed patterns on the go, so we saw each scene in unfinished form. I had time to get used to it.

It’s a dense movie and its role is complicated. After reading the script, and putting together the figure, find out who was this conductor named Gertrude?

Before we started filming we talked a lot about it About the movie Peter Gothar and we tried a lot before the scenes. During both theatrical rehearsals and filming, he loved the main pillars that the director would lay down. I am not working myself on all the basic information about the character to be formatted.

I can imagine several movie scenes on stage as well.

Since Gothár is also a stage director, he works back and forth with him. He is often told in the theater that he is thinking cinematic.

In the theater where they weren’t called to settle down now. How was it like working with Peter Gottar, who was so heavily involved in the Hungarian scandals series Me Too?

Let’s talk about this?

It’s up to you.

I was in several Gothar pieces, we worked together a lot at Soldier. Every director is different. I understood Gothar’s language, his instructions, and I think I understood him.

Apparently, it was no coincidence that he invited you to star in his movie.

I don’t know if it was a coincidence, but he said he was making a movie in which I will be the main character. Somehow it started like this. I always worked well with him, and he never had a problem.

This I also The phenomenon was never invented, settled, or solved in Hungary. There are several criteria, it is not possible to know to whom and why you will be punished, if you will act, how much and what will happen next. The legal regulation of the region is complex and underdeveloped in this respect. How do you think it can be solved within the profession?

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It is important that we dare to talk about it. Now I’m looking for the words too … I’m trying to be very careful not to misrepresent, misinterpret, or otherwise interpret what I’m saying. I want to see and hear conversations about this as there are no such boundaries. When it is normal to “listen” to all parties, all sides come to the fore and no one believes that the discussion partner would have malicious intent through their own opinions.

Can a person get into trouble now if I honestly say your opinion?

It’s very difficult because whatever you say can hurt others, even though that wasn’t your goal at all. We must talk a lot more than that.

To what extent did he bring his life and personal experiences into the form of Gertrude?

It’s inside me, too. I’ve also been in a long relationship, and that’s not the milk in rock bottom either, so there was something to benefit from. The movie’s serious or surreal scenes are often filled with humor, which is also important in life.

In the movie, each character lives their own life, and sometimes he’s just unsure if he should be somewhere else, do something else, or have something more surprising in life.

Are we talking about me now or about you?

About the movie. It raises many questions, and allows for a variety of explanations, but there is clearly no hatred in it. Actors don’t blame each other for their fears.

I think this is an important message.

Where do you place this configuration in your current professional responsibilities?

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It was such a big role. I think it is an important milestone for me in all areas. It also depends on the character’s story, movie quality, and peer performance. It might be one of my most important projects so far.

How he felt The lustful view ?

Gothar said initially that he did not want to see the physical relationship between the two women in the film. However, he did not sell cats a bag so that there is little nudity in it. But he does not want to impose anything on us. Because – although I initially kept it – I was already pregnant at the time, so we always made sure that none of it ever came out. I would add that as a woman, I was a bit happy that at least I’m not a cock here, and my boobs are larger than usual due to my condition. So much for erotica.

In your opinion, could the seven small coincidences gain a similar place in Hungarian movie history as Stop Time?

In today’s world, I don’t think that’s the way it works anymore. I am a pessimist in this area. This movie might be important to a narrow class, but it doesn’t change the world from it. We slip through things too early

I would argue a bit with his pessimism, because he rarely matters among novelties pushing each other.

This is also true. Linked to another movie, you’ve already been through something similar. Sometimes they stop on the street now that one of the most important movies of their life has been The Detective. This is more important to me than my suspension of my TV success. At the same time, just as in life, in a career, many come one after another, but there are few that are important relationships that you really love.

Did you also stop by on the street for your theatrical roles? Actually when there is theater.

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When there is theater and I am not a parent. Yes, it’s been like this before. Me and my fiancé or partner went down the street. I really don’t know what works for him. Not my husband yet, my fiancée looks stupid, I don’t like my partner’s word.

Suppose Giozo Szabo, the father of his children.

Yes, be the father of my children, with whom we go out on the streets many times, and he gets much closer to me.

no wonder. If we just take the fact that I’ve seen him come here on at least four posters as an advertising brand in newspapers, then the fame is really justified.

Yeah, but there are times when I still chat, not because of a movie or TV show, but because of the stage performances they watched with me and left some traces in it. You feel good.

Theaters started again slowly, sooner or later the Katuna Joseph Theater. Youngest son past She is two years old. When and when will he return to the stage?

I have not received an official notification from my theater yet of their plans with me. We probably won’t be working in the summer yet, and we’ll start in the fall. Somehow the missing pieces also have to be made, so I don’t know what they’ll be like in a soldier. There is lost production in Jurányi. The Tale with foam In the series, they perform children’s shows with husbands. We also share it with Victor. After a lot of postponement, it now looks like the show will take place in September and we may start trying in June. In terms of work, it’s quiet at the moment, but I can easily be in a hurry in a month.

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Blanca Mizaros, Judit Reyes, Matte Mizaros and Olivier Burksock in the Seven Small Encounters. Photo: Filmpartners)

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