Index - Culture - Joseph Wonderlich could have said to himself: Calm down

Index – Culture – Joseph Wonderlich could have said to himself: Calm down

  • Music heals.
  • Theater heals.
  • ripples of emotion.
  • The role is a reflection of the worldview.
  • A good poem is a place you like to be.
  • We have to fight ourselves through anxiety.

Calling words, spoken thoughts from the Sunday Brunch broadcast, which this time may sound more contemplative and thoughtful than what we’re used to over coffee on Sunday mornings. However, there is a reason for that. It turns out that József Wunderlich analyzes the world in the depths in which he lives, and that much time and energy is needed only to analyze the basic philosophical theses.

Whereas, for the most part, the creative person is constantly looking for his place and role in the world.

For example, József Wunderlich is constantly talking, singing, performing, observing, analyzing and integrating. feelings and thoughts.

Simply awesome radio

Because they know, for example, who the attics are? Our guess, of course, might be on the subject, but the folks in the attic are almost a family member in the home of actor Joseph Wonderlich. Despite the particularly important moments in the actor’s life that he spends away from work with his family, what happens when the world of melody and the story associated with a role moves into the big room.

Wunderlich, who plays on the radio in the musical The Attic, says there was a time in his life when he appeared in so many musical performances that he was particularly pleased with his performance in a prose piece on Saturday night. But it suddenly turned out that her little daughter fell in love with the attic world, so she had to listen to him at home on Sunday morning. They also made dolls, role-plays, and well-played figures that were called attics.

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Janus Boca is eternal

Then it also happened because something always happens to people that makes you feel like they’re running out of time. Noting his small changes, his revolutionary years, Joseph Wonderlich also finds himself talking to Peter Rudolph, director of the comedy theater, that generational change is slowly coming to the boys’ cast of Bal Street.

It is interesting that the host of Sunday Brunch, Gergely Csiby, was also a member of the initiating team, and was there on the stage of the comedy stage, where József Wunderlich plays anything but János Boka. However, the actor has already spoken in a much deeper context about the fate of the role:

Each artist has a specific legacy that is not necessarily decided by who will inherit it.

And if the Sunday Brunch show is about poetry, it’s where we love to be; In addition to the anxiety inherent in the actors, we’re no longer surprised when Joseph Wonderlich said that

Humanity considers itself of very little importance.

He doesn’t want air conditioning or environmental speech, he just thought a little bit about what kind of life we ​​have on this planet, where we have a place, and what our role is. And if he had to send something to humanity, he might say

Let’s try to serve our environment, nature, and the world in the way we want everything around us to be served. Let it be something mutual.

That is, in this conversation we can get acquainted with the actor, musician, abbot and thinker.

Anyone who hasn’t seen or heard of the previous broadcast of the Sunday brunch, as Bogi Puskás-Dallos speaks to the founding owner of the newly awarded Rumor restaurant, Chef Jenő Rácz, by clicking here You can listen.

(Cover photo: József Wunderlich. Photo: Péter Papajcsik/Index)

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