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Index – Culture – Joseph Romani: Don’t spread the plague just because you have something to curb!

Index - Culture - Joseph Romani: Don't spread the plague just because you have something to curb!

Exactly a hundred years ago, on March 8, 1921, writer, poet and translator Joseph Ramani was born. Most people know him as an impeccable acrobat, and almost everyone knows some of Frédi-Béni’s dialogues, citing Aladár Mézga and Dr. Bubó, but Romhányi’s legacy is richer.

A plaque commemorating the writer and translator Joseph Ramanyi is unveiled on the wall of the tenement house located at 15 Gyeg Street in Heged ،s, two thousand and seventeen. He did not receive much official recognition in his life, and much more from all of those who enjoyed his glamorous talent. In the year of his death, 1983, he has been in uninterrupted popularity ever since Donkey’s ears Then he received the first and last honor from the state – he officially became a worthy artist.

Born in Nagytétény, József Romhányi started high school as a high school student in ancient Greek and Latin competitions, then studied violin at the Capital’s Higher School of Music. Literacy, music, creativity and a great sense of humor defined his life and works.

At the end of World War II, in 1944, he was taken prisoner in Russia, where he survived typhus and then established a slave labor division. He survived the Ural’s three-year journey of music and humor, serving the kitchen at better times. Of course, he also carved rhymes around this:

Smoke boilers around me:

Their fists are made!

My muscles are already stiff,

To mix, mix.

And I’m sweating a thick drop,

To gain weight!

After returning home from captivity, he soon joined the Hungarian Radio. Composer Egon Kimi, writer Laios Mesterhazy and co-playwright Peter Szasz participated in Hungary’s first radio opera, May a tree In his birth.

The song play, introduced in 1949, retained elements of the classic operetta genre, but the story is not about a florist who falls in love with the prince, but about a textile factory worker who takes part in union leave and sings. Very beautiful. But for this he has to leave the factory, his comrades and friends, his old life.

“All the staples of the operetta go on: love, jealousy, quarrels, a moonlit evening on Lake Balaton – but do not be afraid, dear radio listeners, the solution will be reassuring to everyone. It is an experience, but without experimentation, we cannot come close to our goal of broadcasting a fun entertainment show today. How successful the experiment has been, we await an answer from you. Hear our opera “The May Tree”, evening of May 1, 8:50 pm at the Kossuth transmitter, “The ideologically advanced song, which illuminates the lives of workers, is set in the recommendation program” Literary entitled Radio Life. With all this in mind today, it turns out once again that life is my best comic.

The great socialist operetta,

Radio audiences such as Violetta Ferrari, Robert Ratoni, Tivadar Pelexi, Eva Rutkay and Evan Darvas were able to recognize the voices of the radio listeners. Even in a year, at midnight on New Years Eve 1949, the Hungarian Radio broadcasted the second advanced operetta of the trilogy, which Maybe the stars Since then I have been submerged in mystery. This officially marks the start of a fifty-year career in the Hungarian Radio Song series.

Joseph Romani worked as a playwright for Hungarian radio for six years, then became the artistic director of the Directorate of Government Parties and Programs, and later the entertainment division of Hungarian Television (MTV). After his television break, he returned to the radio, and for the rest of his life he was a playwright in the MR music department.

He also had something to do with light music, leading a chanson committee that has judged the fun tracks for decades.

It can even be considered a poetic Ars of this period Cricket song Currency:

With the crosses

are you an artist ?! The ant frowned at cricket.

He thinks like a bull’s saliva, his voice swings, his voice floats.

There is no trace of bloody emotion in the Dalai Lama

Even if you speak, even the evening silence is deeper.

What a small toolbar, what a narrow set of shapes!

It’s a miracle that you’re still getting attention.

Cricket quietly said:

In a weeding song

This is exactly the art.

By the way, he wrote textbooks for many Hungarian operas. He was the author of works written by introductory acquaintances of this kind, such as György Ránki: Peter Musikas Sugar Rizzo: Honeyadi, Mahali Hajji: Kata Cadre, Zoltán Horusitzky: Zsigmund Batory Classical music songs. Written by Johann Strauss For his racket The texts were also translated by Gluck, Rossini, and Orff librettos.

They wrote a musical story with Szabolcs Fényes Cinderella With composer Kodály-Pupil and Zoltán Horusitzky sleeping BeautyHe was taken to the stage.

Nor did he find the lighter type offensive, at least on the level that he was learning. Here is a rhyme confession of ars poetica:

Deer Fault


Deer antler

Liked one striking

Hedgehog beauty.

But because she was a sweet soul, an easily digestible character,

He thought he was listening now

Then one time for a long time

His love moans in a heroic chaos.

Hence, it is not raw strength but rather hair

It would be what Auntie could look at.

You made a mistake here.

Sonnet written, elegy,

And the girl’s request was postponed.

Burning in China, mired in tears

Mature into a great poet.

But he only got a gold medal for his headdress.

Not only was he adept at funny lyrics, he was also based on the poems of TS Eliot, one of the most iconic works in music history. the cats Fans can also thank the Hungarian lyrics of world-famous music.

Who knows the melody already blows burning lines in its ears:

At midnight, there was a dense silence on the sidewalk

What does the ancient moon think?

How are you just smiling at me?

A slow wind blows, a red avatar runs in front of my feet

A torn branch howl on the tree

It brought him immense popularity by explaining the animated series by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera Studios. Even Foxy Maxi was a dog far wiser than his words American composers had dreamed of, and then came the destructive transmission of his technical text from the Stone Age, which definitely created a musical genre. For example, the complaint of the hungry Freddy became a public turn

I steam if the stem is not steaming when lowered.

Or a call for stone age mechanization:

Start the engine, hold on!

Mézga family in three series with József Nepp, please do the following, Master Mekk – many well-known and slowly quoted jokes.

Snake and bird snake for dentures. Dictate the patient the doctor writes.

Dr. Bobo’s statement on health policy is still relevant today, and more today:

It is a good thing that as many people as possible get into trouble, because the more people are cured.

Or another warning from the wise owl, which isn’t so funny these days:

Don’t spread the plague just to have something to curb it!

But let’s leave the big things off and relax with some animal classifieds:


Wood worm worm

In the absence of a company

She is looking for a husband this time.

Woodpecker cut!


My early cherries

I would like to exchange it for shaky.

Bondero. Last posting.

I might pay for it …


It will replace a new tractor

Ox cart

Bumpy, rough, harsh.


He will go to school


Head lice.

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