Index - Culture - Janos Kolka spoke on stage for the first time since suffering a stroke

Index – Culture – Janos Kolka spoke on stage for the first time since suffering a stroke

Janos Kolka, who suffers from aphasia He had a stroke in April 2016And then had to do it again learn to speak and go The actor has since returned to the stage, but more serious speech is still a problem for him, but now he has a role in a play in which he will speak on stage for the first time since he had a stroke.

Robert Olde spoke about why Janos Kolka was asked to play the grandfather in Pence Perrault’s play: Magyar tenger.

I don’t mean to say this goes against Janus’ case, I see it as much more practical so it’s a role where there are no long sentences, long monologues, short sentences

Director said. He then added that he believed Janus was well suited to do so and could do so.

Robert Alfoldi also talked about how they adapted to the actor and used everything they could from him. According to him, Janos Kolka and Bence Biro met and shortened sentences that were difficult for the actor to put together or say.

This is what it is now. So you have to use it this way and try to use it that way. It’s the same as if it weren’t in this particular case. Good, such a disgusting grandfather, that fits perfectly with János

Robert Oldy said For RTL News.

The director finally said that he is not interested in how excited the actor is at the moment, but in the fact that János Kulka has a job that he does well. He added that he would do well.

The play was shown at the Szentendre Theater on the evening of Thursday 4 August.

(Cover image: János Kulka. Photo: Patrícia Bodnár / Index)

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