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Index – Culture – János Gálvölgyi’s wife sent a message to fans

Index – Culture – János Gálvölgyi’s wife sent a message to fans

Judit, the wife of award-winning actor Janos Galvolji, announced on Friday that her husband’s condition is improving rapidly and there is no longer any cause for concern. “Janus is fine, thank God everything is fine with my husband. We both feel great,” he told Blake.

Fans can rest easy, there is nothing wrong. Now we are very much together, our days are going well

he added.

the page According to his information, the recovering actor has also grown a beard, which he is already friends with, but will likely break up with in a week. As we wrote, Janos Galvolgy met with the mayor of Budapest that day. Gergely Karácsony was able to personally welcome the actor, who is celebrating his 75th birthday.

Janos Galvolgi fell ill on May 10 and had breathing difficulties. Since they waited in vain for ambulances, the artist’s family took him to the hospital, where he was put on a respirator. According to the family, the condition of the famous artist was serious, but stable.

An investigation was launched into the case, which proved that the rescue controller had made a mistake. The Home Secretary, Sindor Pinter, has also opened an investigation into the case.