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Index – Culture – János Czech: Works of primitive melodic music

Index – Culture – János Czech: Works of primitive melodic music

Csík's band concept is sure to make you dance or start humming when you hear it. The formation, which plays Hungarian folk music, likes to cover other bands' songs, shaping them in their own style. According to many, which makes the original material even better.

Recently, primitive rhythm-based melodic electronic music is working more

– said Janos Schick about the musical taste of today's world.


The musician, who has been on the scene for decades, has his take on the current musical situation, and we also learned a lot about how their band works.

Despite the fact that according to János Csík, folk music has always been multi-layered music, they have had a very successful career. On June 2, for example, they performed a large-scale concert in Budapest Park, where they performed in the company of musicians such as Gábor Presser, Tamás Karacsony, Hobo, Tibor Kiss, András Lovasi, Pek Zóli, Vicky Lábas or Giorgio Fekete.

A few days later, you can see the great Janos Schick in the MVM Dome, which is one of the… Musical encounters He will perform music with Vera Tóth and István Pál “Szalonna” during the evening that bears his name.

We spoke with János Cech about the following topics, among others:

  • How do they choose the people they want to work with?
  • Are they influenced only by old or new artists?
  • But there was also talk about the Al-Azhar phenomenon.

More educated musicians

He said that there are young people who are very talented and increasingly demanding of their musical skills, and as a result, productions of higher and higher quality are being created. It takes faith and serious taste

They can bring popular music to the people, which is not an easy thing to do at the moment.

And of course the values ​​the band represents were also discussed.

Anyone who missed the previous broadcast of the arútluK podcast, or wants to listen to the conversation again, this is it You can do this by clicking here.

(Cover image: János Schick. Photo: Bence Tuveci / Al-Fahris)