Index - Culture - Hungarian operetta performed abroad

Index – Culture – Hungarian operetta performed abroad

A week and a half ago, the New Old Concert premiered its Operettissima, a type of operetta called a Hungaricum, for the first time in the United States. The recording was recorded in the fall of 2020 and aired on August 14 on PBS.

The index immersed itself in the English-speaking media to find out how Americans received the Hungarian delicacy. The show, which was taped in October, was already out as part of an online broadcast over the Christmas, New Year, and then Valentine’s Day period. It spawned hundreds of thousands of views in the time, so PBS was featured on the show as well.

The show, which was broadcast in the winter, received primarily positive reviews from viewers.

Good music, good performance, good workmanship

– Read the opinion.

Great performance, lavish fidelity stream, concise, fun and hilarious interviews with various performers with amazing voices. Fantastic collection, can’t wait to see it live

Another spectator writes.

Right, Notes page There is also a post that draws attention to the shortcomings.

The whole performance was mixed. One singer is great, while the others are fiercely humble. The dancing was fun but it wasn’t great. The fashion is striking. Can I check it again? No.

We’ve also looked at how the American press has been evaluating the party since August 14, and more specifically since PBS aired, but the show hasn’t received a more serious response since then.

The show can be seen (will be) a PBS websiteBut the broadcast is not available in Hungary…

Continuation of a very successful initiative

Like the rest of the world, last year was an unforgettable year for performers and performing arts organizations. Live concerts had to be done away with for a while, so the organizers of the Operettissima came up with a plan: Greetings to Vienna The concert series has extended to Hungary, thus also preparing for Tour 2022. The concerts will take place in some of the highest concert halls in major cities in the United States and Canada – Chicago, Cleveland, Baltimore, New York, Boston, Montreal and Toronto.

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Because the coronavirus epidemic is set to come into the new year Greetings to Vienna Missed the concert, the idea of ​​Attila Glatz Concert Productions, who organized the event, came up with the idea that Greetings to Vienna and Budapest Preparing for the operetta. The program of the celebration was recorded on October 3, 2020 at Pest Vigadó, with the Budapest Opera Theater for Ballet and Orchestra, soloists, Monica Fischl, Diana Kis, Szylvi Szinde, Zult Vadasz, Attila Erdos, Peter Lucky and Laszlo McCleary. Guyola Pfeiffer direction.

The party program recorded in Pesti Vigadó is permission Greetings to Budapest and Vienna bears the title. Producer Dr. Daniel Vadasz, owner of Operettissima, at a press conference in Vigado at the end of July The three-year agreement with US public television was a milestone in cultural diplomacy. Humorist Oliver Naxa, co-producer of Operettissima, realized years ago that the perception of operettas had to be changed, so he supports the genre with great determination.

We called Oliver Naxa, who requested the time, citing his busy schedule. The Opera Ambassador In the end, the index was not able to access even after several attempts, so the co-producer and humorist himself did not appear in this thread.

According to a press conference held in July, Operettissima aims to bring the musical and theatrical experience into the lives of as many people as possible, and access concerts and musicals to reach as many viewers as possible, regardless of age or place of residence. . According to the Operettissima crew, it is important for the products to be high-quality works that keep viewers as regular cultural consumers, and entertain, while educating them at the same time.

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According to Istvan Nagy, Minister of Agriculture, Chairman of the Hungarikum Committee, the characteristics of Hungarian music, dance, lifestyle and handicraft culture are decisive factors in the eyes of the foreigner. With the beauty and values ​​of Hungarian culture in mind, and linguistic differences in mind, the October concert of the Opretissima aptly represented the traditions of Hungarian music, dance and performing arts.

The repertoire of the festive show included the most famous works of Imre Kalman (Queen of Csárdás), Ferenc Lehár (The Merry Widow) and Johann Strauss (The Bat). kiss- b. Attila, general manager of the Operetta Theater in Budapest, said at the press conference that

The pursuit of the highest standards steered the company to the live concert, and the stakes were even higher because they knew this production would reach millions overseas.

Attila Glatz said in July that US public service television – PBS – will broadcast the program on 43 channels in 43 states for three years, so it will show the Hungarian operetta at prime times in America.

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