Index - Culture - However, Netflix didn't show the movie about a submarine killer

Index – Culture – However, Netflix didn’t show the movie about a submarine killer

However, he does not present a work on the Danish inventor Peter Madsen, who kills with extraordinary brutality. in the depth documentary Netflix, MTI writes after the information from Swedish STV on Wednesday.

The in the depth Australian filmmaker Emma Sullivan made a film about Madsen and her assistant before and after the commission of the crime, and originally wanted to document the missile building plans the inventor had put in place. The film premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival, described by the American press as intimidating and restrained, Variety said the film succeeded in avoiding tabloid themes and focused more on volunteers who supported Madsen in his ambitious projects but then had to confront her. .

According to STV, A. In a documentary Several speakers asked the filmmakers to cut their sayings or make them unknown in the film. However, in a February interview with a movie magazine called Ekko, Sullivan said that all of the cast volunteered to film and gave interviews for several years. Netflix was originally supposed to air the documentary later this year, but has confirmed to Swedish TV that it will not broadcast the work. The reason for the decision was not mentioned.

Madsen, 47, killed 30-year-old journalist Kim Wall on his handcrafted submarine, which was dismembered and then thrown into the sea in the strait between Denmark and Sweden. Prosecutors said Madsen tortured and killed the journalist because she boarded the diving boat for publishing reports of her sick sexual fantasies.

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