Index - Culture - However, György Cserhalmi does not perform in Antigone

Index – Culture – However, György Cserhalmi does not perform in Antigone

Radnóti will present his latest work, in a new time, on March 12th, Antigone, What the audience is really looking forward to. The reason for the new timing is COVID-19, which makes the trial process very difficult and sometimes impossible. Production now also has to account for György Cserhalmi, what about index? mentionedafter a long time in the role of Teresias, was to return to the stage for health reasons, finally unable to take on the task.

I remember feelings of freedom about Sirhalm: that kind of thing self law“, Represents rebellion and courage, acting not blindly but cleverly and bitterly; And that and still Unexpected smile. The strength of the character is impressive in his acting. Tiresias, the clairvoyant in Antigone, articulates the needs and opinions of the town’s community. His word cannot be ignored because he is one of the best in his profession: he undoubtedly knows more

Director Dorca Boroughi said.

Sirhalmi stands up In addition to the ancient SZFE, the letter of the beautiful, naughty, dignified occupant is the highest example of ethical, meticulous and responsible thinking in the profession. (After all, professional knowledge and experience of theater is our heritage, and is not transferred from a particular director to a particular director, but rather is passed on by actors and playwrights.) I am very sorry that we could not work with him now, but more importantly leave an opportunity to work together for a long time. We will not invite other guest artists for this role instead. Without him, the director added, the company is trying to express the wisdom and determinism of Tiresias in a different way.

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(Cover photo: György Cserhalmi. Photo: Zsolt Zih/MTI)

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