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Index – Culture – His father was imprisoned and his mother left him. He had nothing, but today the whole world knows him

Index – Culture – His father was imprisoned and his mother left him. He had nothing, but today the whole world knows him

Marcelito Pomoy is known to many as the “double-voiced singer.” The Filipino singer became a star in his country in the 2000s due to his rare vocal talent. Thanks to his huge vocal range, he can sing with both male and female voices. Filipinos Pilipinas got talent At the show, he also impressed the judges with the fact that he did

The joint duet of Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion, A a prayer He performed the song himself.

After that, news of it reached the United States, where it is located America's Got Talent: Heroes In his own edition, he competed with other former champions, and there he reached fourth place in the All-Star competition. There is the beauty and the beast He performed the duet alone. This year, on May 24, 2024, he will also show his talent in Hungary in Tuskesarnok, and we sat down to talk to him on this occasion.

Marcelito Pomoy is a humble and kind man who listens patiently, speaks thoughtfully, and laughs sincerely and loudly. He also retained his talent and positive outlook on life, even though his childhood was not easy. His father was imprisoned and his mother left him. He was captured and adopted by his family, who cared for him until he was old enough to stand on his feet.

He was working odd jobs as a teenager, and that's when he discovered his talent and started honing it. Because she could sing a male baritone voice and a female mezzo-soprano voice – the latter also in an amazingly convincing way – she was noticed, and by the second half of her twenties, the whole country already knew her name. But it hasn't been easy at all since then. On several occasions, he had to pull himself together during difficult times, and he also needed a lot of luck.

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New country, new record

He chose Hungary as the center for his European career, and he also works with an organizing company here, who are responsible for all his international performances, and in addition, he is working with a new producer on his first album, which includes his own songs. In addition to the covers. The next three albums were produced by Pierpaolo Guerini, who also worked with Andrea Bocelli.

Maybe fate wanted it that way

– Because for a long time he believed that the investigation was just some kind of fraud, Pomoy said about his business connections in Hungary.

I didn't understand why he thought that, but then with the translator He said to meLife in the Philippines is not easy. There are many people who try to entice locals with similar offers, but often one wrong decision is enough to ruin someone's entire future, and sometimes even their life is in danger.

That is why Marcelito Pomoy and his wife – who is also the singer's manager – have always been keen on such performances. The situation was similar The Ellen DeGeneres ShowThey also tried to invite the singer for a long time, even before he and his wife believed the offer was real.

They couldn't believe it

Popular comedian Ellen DeGeneres decided to invite the Filipino singer to her concert after hearing Pomoy's performance on the radio in 2018 when he sang the song the prayer The song – a duet by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion. The interesting thing is that this performance opportunity was almost lost, because when the directors and producers of Pilipinas Got Talent rejected the singer, they caused a big break in him.

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As we've heard from many talent scouts before, he was also replaced by another winner and then let go because he was no longer needed.

So I said to my wife: I will never sing for you again. “I was no longer able to stand up and perform.” I felt like I was not needed. The producers I worked with were like they didn't need me anymore. I felt lost. I was on the floor and wanted out

The singer said. Regarding the search for talent, he added:

In the Philippines, if they find a new star on the rise, they slowly tear down the star they have worked with until then.

They also added a lot of background knowledge to the story with the interpreter, which made talent competitions of this type very difficult for them. In this overpopulated country, a lot of people are trying to break out, but since there is so much talent, producers have a lot of options to choose from. In addition to the acoustic qualities, the appearance is also important, and you can always find a new and better one, so it is easy to downsize the one you no longer need.

In terms of numbers alone, the Philippines is almost three times the size of Hungary, while the population is more than ten times that.

At his wife's urging, Bumoy finally agreed to the radio show, which gave a new impetus to his career. Thanks to the performance, he was contacted by The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which finally brought him to the United States, showed his talent to a completely new audience, and this is what brought him the success he was waiting for.

We got a message from someone on Ellen's crew saying, “Marcelito, we'd like to invite you to the Ellen Show,” and we thought it must be a scam. Then he wrote back that they would like to talk face to face via video chat. We called each other, he introduced himself and then showed the studio on video. And here we discovered that this is really true

Pomoy recalls with a laugh.

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Finally, the show came together, as, in addition to the prayer, he also performed a duet from Beauty and the Beast, which wowed the audience. Not long after, he was also invited to the edition of America's Got Talent: The Champions, where he could compare his skills with previous champions. Here he reached fourth place.

Despite all his success, he performed other people's songs for a very long time, and not many songs were written for him in English. But that has changed now, as they are working with a new producer on their first record which is based entirely on their own songs. Although he hasn't told us much about the relationship yet, he did say that the album is scheduled to be released next year. Marcelito Pomoy will perform in Tüskecsarnok on May 24, 2024.

(Cover photo: Marcelito Pomoy. Photo: Kata Nemeth/Index)