Index - Culture - Greta Thunberg trembles again

Index – Culture – Greta Thunberg trembles again

Thunberg left school there in the summer of 2019 and took a dhow to exit the boat on the other side of the Atlantic and begin his one-year “tour”. It is really unusual to look at the scenes in the series where our hero chose not the comfortable seven-hour cruise, but the multi-week cruise, but he says that “the donkey does not come out of its mouth”, he does not sit on a plane so harmful to climate change While fighting for the environment.

In light of this, it is already understandable why the unusual public film crew of the teenage girl, her traveling companion, and her father, Svante, are only following by train or Tesla cars. (The series shows Thunberg not only chooses the mode of transportation, but also his green dressing and eating habits.)

In this series, Greta Thunberg travels to North America and then half of Europe to speak to scientists, ecologists, researchers, professionals and people who live in regions affected by climate change, and to experience irreversible natural changes before our eyes.

The girl, called the sharp contrast of Donald Trump, who is unenthusiastic about Angela Merkel’s person – and meeting her – throws herself into negative reactions, breaking the road for herself and the new generation. He believes that adults behave like children, so it is up to the children to be responsible adults. It takes two countries in a row, almost never getting off the train, hundreds of thousands of people are already gathering to see and hear. Thunberg also talks about Asperger’s syndrome in terms of protests – and crowds.

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A young climate activist not only meets politicians and tries to convince them: he is consulting in London Sir David Attenborough Naturalist, the largest state of California in America A small town in heaven is affected by fire With a resident as well as Lapland Sami. The conversations show that, depending on where we live, our lives are threatened differently, but at least to the same extent, by climate change.

The last episode recorded last year examines the impact of the Coronavirus epidemic on climate change. Thunberg and some of those interviewed believe that despite the pandemic, we are living in a safer world than we were in previous years, because despite the deadly epidemic, carbon emissions have decreased at an unprecedented rate with a significant drop in traffic, and a lot of factories usually Because of the partial shutdown of the economy. Ironically, all of this will be essential to a better, safer long-term future.

(Cover photo: Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg attends the Climate Conference in Madrid on December 10, 2019. Photo: Pablo Blazquez Dominguez / Getty Images)

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