Index - Culture - Goulash is a symbol of the Hungarian resistance

Index – Culture – Goulash is a symbol of the Hungarian resistance

Pierre tells us again about the times when many of us did not live, but he was already going to the apostles for supper. We now know that this restaurant is where Uncle Ferry was the waiter.

The legendary bartender himself was the epitome of incarnation, which not only memorizing but knowing him was a great thing. He once quoted, for example, Gyula Crody, from the writings of the famous writer, of course, on the Hungarian goulash.

In other words, this time Pierre is talking about Hungarian goulash. Its delicious story reveals that it is not a very small, national food worthy of being taken from the lowlands and steppes to the table of the nobility.

We learn that soup can also become a symbol of national identity. It is true that the Hungarians needed frankincense and some beef and over time the spice, red and red pepper became one of the essential seasonings of Hungarian gastronomy.

If you’re interested in how Gyula Credi recorded Hungarian goulash, you can listen to it on Pierre’s podcast. It also turns out that this soup has undergone a serious evolution and we can see how it came to be what is often put on the plate today.

If anyone missed last week’s show where Pierre serves Uncle Ferry and smoldering pancakes, click here.

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