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Index – Culture – Giorgi Rosa hosts a show again

Index – Culture – Giorgi Rosa hosts a show again

In the announcement sent to Index by TV2, it was written that György Rózsa would take over the show from Majka and Joci Pápai from 16 April.

I felt honored to be invited by TV2. It’s a meeting with an old love, to go through the same competition again three decades later. Prize game!

– said Giorgi Rosa, according to the announcement.

The well-known presenter also added: After the joy of the first moments, he wondered if he would be able to handle long recordings at the age of 75, and would young players accept him as a presenter? After all, he said, most of them weren’t even alive when he brought bagpipes to success in the first half of the 1990s.

“I wasn’t worried about whether I had the desire to play, because making TV shows and managing games is an eternal love. I’m about to rejuvenate myself. TV2’s management and staff did their best to make me feel good,” said Giorgi Rosa, adding:

It was very touching that after the recordings, the colleagues thanked us for the good atmosphere of working together. And the players greeted me with incredible love at the beginning of each broadcast, applauding me for many minutes. Almost all of them told me after the game that I was their parents’ favorite, they really liked Bagpiper at that time.

“It was good to see that the current guys also had a great time in the studio. I was happy, because I could do again what I had been doing for 56 years on TV: I could entertain viewers.”

In the special broadcast, György Rózsa’s assistant will be Stana Alexandra, a professional dancer from Dancing with the Stars.