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Index – Culture – Geza Roerig reads from a new novel in the music club of Llászló Kiss

Index – Culture – Geza Roerig reads from a new novel in the music club of Llászló Kiss

Llászló Kiss, who has also lived in Sydney, Australia for more than thirty years, told Index that he is now home and plans to spend more time in Hungary. He wants to throw a lot of parties in the summer, meanwhile he’s going to start his club party series on the 8th. IN THE MIXAT STAGE AREA.

In the evenings of the Vagy Sehol club, the founding member, composer and guitarist of the band URH and Európa Kiadó, explore the gloomy period of the Kádár era, the computer graphics designer and 3D animator play music and host interesting people. For the first time, Gizat Roerig.

As he explained the projected structure of the February 9 program to Index readers:

First I play a little music, then Géza reads, then we play again, then Géza reads, and then we play one of his songs together. Basically, it will be a géza streaming concert.

Vagy Sehol are the first authors of not only the club series, but the author that was published last year tweak Address as well. Obviously not regardless of the fact that Llászló Kiss ended his Hungarian underground musical era and moved to Kuala Lumpur with his family. He explains his decision, made more than three decades ago, by saying that he felt his skepticism was justified: in Hungary, capitalism is also being stabbed. As a computer illustrator, he lived well in Malay land, but had to move from there as well. This was also justified for a long time in an interview:

Then, when Soros crashed the Malaysian ringgit, we had to go, so with the help of a bounty hunter, Sydney followed, where I still live to this day, when I’m not home, in Budapest.

Before then and after, many people set out from Hungary with the hope of adventures or a better future. Based on his own experiences, Llászló Kiss made the following statement about all of this on his podcast: “We thought we were the only ones smoking, but it turns out it’s no better anywhere else.”

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The dilemma of “Here or There”, which he also sang on his first solo album, can also be interpreted from Géza Röhrig’s point of view. Hungarian poet who was long ago in New York Hyatt, was homeless, caring for the homeless, cleaning the dead professionally from the dust of the floor, and with world stars He plays in different movies.

Oscar winner Son of Saul The main character who supports the homeless with a book of his poems, and now he’s writing a novel, which is exciting even if he doesn’t want to talk. At Vagy Sehol Club, attendees can hear two of his compositions, for which Kiss Llacies wrote the music, and then he will also read from his upcoming novel and poems.

Kiss Llaci with his musician friends, the formation tentatively named Kiss + 4, is sure to remember some classic Europó Kiadó tracks, and there will be even more tracks from last year or nowhere from his album. Play it in front of an audience for the first time drunk Titled, in English, it’s not quite a cheery song, inspired by the climate disaster.

(Cover photo: László Kiss on April 20, 2022. Photo: Tímea Karip/Index)