Index - Culture - Finalist V4+ by Virtuosos

Index – Culture – Finalist V4+ by Virtuosos

But let’s see who they are.

The most impressive talent on the show and the entire competition so far this year is the 16-year-old Croatian pianist, Ivan Petrovich Polyak. When he introduced himself, he admitted that he felt the piano had been invented for him. And really. Too heavy piece right away, not the second. He chose the Hungarian music he was playing with such energy, ingenuity and courage that there was no one who did not take off his feet. There was a moment in the show’s short plays, when only his hand was seen, his play without sound, and the quality of the production can be inferred from this. With his performance, he produced a quality befitting a true superstar, with a naturally humble personality and no pause. We admit that we were very curious about which piece to choose next.

Czech Martin Sadlik Came to the competition from Prague and The harp is a feminine instrument He tried to break stereotypes – successfully. Obviously, this aspect also played a role in the selection of the jury. He gave piano variations very well in Handel’s ukulele concerto in major B, and Domingo said he would be a soloist. Martin is also a humble and charismatic personality.

We hope to be 16 years old from Slovak Myriam Minkova The next time you compete, you will receive more feedback from the jury, as these comments were made during your previous submission. Despite his young age, he played Mendelssohn’s highly popular, competition violinist in E Minor, as a mature artist, and the jury found his play energetic, mature and professional. If you show yourself more now, maybe you can get more feedback.

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Polish Miłosz Pachoenko From Lublin he began playing the accordion at the age of three, and at the age of six he was already composing. If he has inspiration, he puts it into music, so his own works are created. He played a really talented piece in his first competition: Albert Vossen’s Flick-flick was a great choice. Miłosz combines great technique and awareness at the age of 11. He likes to perform better than to train, but as Miłosz Erika says he has a bad reputation, there is a lot to practice on the track.

Hungary Ollah Filmus Guitarist, he seems to be Miklósa Erika’s favorite, but few realized in the show that Plácido Domingo invited them or invited them to the opening of the Real Madrid stadium. In addition, the son of the Maestro, Placido Domingo Jr., is his mentor, which Vilmus says has helped him a lot both mentally and artistically.

(Cover photo: Vilmos Olah, Miriam Minkova, Mitosh Pachunko, Ivan Petrovich-Polyak, Martin Sadelec. Photo: Pence Hegedos/Virtusos)

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