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Index – Culture – Encouraging news that after two strikes he plays with his left hand with passion

Index – Culture – Encouraging news that after two strikes he plays with his left hand with passion

the V’73Progressive rock music was played in , the wider rock audience a In Moto RockHe was admired for his unique and sensitive piano playing and lyrical songs. Singer and songwriter Ferenc Demjencel records hits like Candlesthe Ice corethat it Angel girl Or the Wait until the sun rises. Istvan Lerch He is seventy years old today.

He lived under the spell of classical music until he was introduced to the music of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake and Carl Palmer as a teenager, and from then on his career took off. V’73 includes, among others, his classical music notations (Tchaikovsky: A pathetic symphonyLeo Weiner: Fox dance) had success – mainly professional – and as a result took him on tour Omega And the GT locomotive.

Then he met Ferenc Demjen at the Metronóm 77 festival, who invited him to join the V’Moto-Rock band that was in the process of being formed. They spent eleven years together, playing sophisticated folk rock, until Demjen became a soloist in 1988, and the band broke up.

In Moto Rock: Angel Girl (1989, concert)

Lerch’s musical qualities were further enhanced by the fact that in the meantime he had completed a jazz course – among other reasons, he became a member of an occasional formation called Supergroup in 1982 – and as a composer, he felt that the framework given by V’ Moto-Rock was narrow since the beginning. Not only for his first wife, Katie KovacsAcquired songs for, however Zuza Chirhatito Judith Szoksto Zsuzza conchFor you or Andrea Malik. Since 1994, in addition to the Tátrai Ensemble, he has also been very successful as a soloist Charlie He wrote many memorable hit songs with Attila Horvath (eg Ice, with double whisky, everyone belongs to someone).

In addition, of course, he has also released several solo albums (Strange planet1989; 10 and 1/21991; Thirsty angels1994; Good-bye(1999) in the new millennium, but he did not appear on stage except on special occasions. In 2001, he celebrated the 30th anniversary of his music career at the Convention Center, and three years later at the Convention Center 50. Symphonyt provided in the same place.

In 2009 A symphony of hits He gave a concert with Caramel, Marta Sebastian and the Chamber Orchestra, and in October 2013 he gave a concert at the Palais des Arts, the occasion of which was his 60th birthday, and where he performed the best pieces of his career with a selection of rock and jazz musician friends – as well as a full symphony orchestra.

then He said that:

“I know a good saying: It’s not how many years you live in your life, it’s how much life you live in your years. As long as I can be excited and prepare for new competitions the same way I did thirty years ago, I won’t feel sixty. […] The reason I don’t give concerts very often is that anyone who knows me knows that I am a conscientious and extreme person, and I need thorough preparation.

Then, in 2017, Istvan Lerch suffered two strokes within a short period of time, and has since undergone two life-saving operations and one corrective cranial surgery, spending a total of 38 weeks in hospital in the past five years. It may be encouraging news that the musician has recently returned to playing the piano. With the left hand, enthusiastically.