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Index – Culture – Embarrassing misinterpretations at their best

Index - Culture - Embarrassing misinterpretations at their best

Tiger Woods became the king of golf

In the seventeenth minute of the Hungarian version of Traffic in 2000, a blockbuster was beaten. Well, the movie is about trying to put golf clubs in a car so that they fit snugly next to the toddler seat when mom mentions a sports star. Who does not know the name of Tiger Woods, the most successful golfer of all time? The interpreters did not seem to like the sport, as they were also able to present the correct name of the player in a mirrored translation. True, they only did half the work, the golfer’s name was changed to Tiger Woods on the original DVD, while Tiger Forest would have been a ton of power …

This is not my fault, it is my bed …

There are a few strings that contain as many mismatches as Good friendsat. Almost every episode gets a generous pun, and there is a section with many. A favorite with many, the uncrowned Queen of Letterjacaps, is a sentence that fell from the fourteenth episode of Season Two.

In eleven and a half minutes, you can even find the money, which seems strange even if you don’t know the original context. Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) just meet in the apartment when the former knocks a lamp on the table with a basketball. The original text Well that’s bad !, This is Well, this is my fault! Translators seemed to rely only on their ears, not their eyes Well this is my bed! It can be heard in the Hungarian version. (The English equivalent bad = bad and bed = bed triggered the translation.)

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The places are completely incorrect

Another unforgivable mistake is nothing more than a misspelled name translation. Anyone who knows Scotland (including Edinburgh’s magical landmarks) knows that the Scottish capital has a huge and beautiful monument to the romantic poet and novelist Walter Scott. The Cloud Atlantic The film is partly set in Edinburgh, so we inadvertently see a picture of the peak building in front of us. What a pity that the name of the Scottish memorial has been translated as a Scottish memorial … Unfortunately, the word Scott here does not mean the Scottish people, but rather the title of the author, and in any case, the name of the people Scotch Will be.

The famous Lake District is the most beautiful lake area in the county of Cumbria in northwest England. Clapham chef status In Poirot’s department, the woman, who is believed to be missing, sends a letter to the investigator that she is in Keswick, a small town in Cumbria. However, in the series, the Lake District is translated as Lake County, although the place is not an administrative category, but simply the official and inalienable name of a region – in Hungarian, the chef is not in Lake County, just about the famous Lake District. And indeed, in the original version, the term Lake District was pronounced.

A little sweetness until the end

For a housewife the same way, but for food, it is not usual to worry about the “duplicate” adjective. A 2004 documentary film highlighting the harmful effects of fast food restaurants, A. Super size is me However, it has been translated as refined sugar by hide-and-seek in burgers Refined sugarRefined sugar. The sound is really scary, but the meaning is nowhere near.

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