Index - Culture - Disney's new movie is a miracle, but no one has seen it

Index – Culture – Disney’s new movie is a miracle, but no one has seen it

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many large studios have changed their methods. It has been the case that super products like Black Widow and the matrix They were shown simultaneously on live broadcast and on a large screen. Disney’s new fairy tale movie is Charm And he drank the juice that he showed in cinemas for only thirty days, after which family animation was already on Disney +. Accordingly, it performed much worse on the off than we expected.

The production wasn’t great in Hungary either, only starting in third place in the opening weekend Gucci House and the birthday The number of Hungarians who had the opportunity did not reach ten thousand CharmAt the end of November.

the Charm Not only because it is the 60th film by Walt Disney Animation Studios, but also because it is the first production to be produced in Colombia to date. The main story of the film begins with a look back: we can see the young Alma Madrigal, who was forced to flee his village after an armed clash with his master Pedro and his three children. Husband bravely sacrifices himself for his family finally Supernatural power saved.

The magical, miraculous candle changes the life of a girl who finds refuge and tranquility in the mountains. Fifty years later, Alma is an old woman, but the flame of the candle has not yet gone out … Moreover, she helps the lives of younger generations: she gives the grandchildren of the woman special abilities. There is someone in the madrigal family who has amazing strength, hears everything else, or can control plants.

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However, the protagonist, Mirabel, stands out from the family in every way. Because the candle did not give him any power, and the black lamb became among the Madrigals. the Charm A really old story about the importance of family, teamwork, and love.

However, it is historically confusing that the makers of this time around make Mirabel herself the protagonist.

The Madrigal family blames him for the breakdown and their abilities seem to be fading away. So Mirabel sticks to herself and decides to go after the mystery. It costs what it costs. the Charm An outsider’s tale, where the focus is not on superheroes, but on how much one would hate even their loved ones if they got out of line.

You can pretty much guess what the end of the story will be. In this regard, the Charm stone wall. But the production is full of great ideas, and while the script is often stuttering and frantic, it’s a great cartoon that adults and kids alike can enjoy at the same time.

The visual world is lavish, and although the character models seem strange to the eye at first glance, you can get used to them. The thing about the cake is that this time, really, Disney has added entries for its new movie that will give us a wand of tune, and we’ll be releasing them in the coming days. No wonder the production was nominated for Best Insert Song at the Golden Globe, it is Charm Finally, the DonnieIt stayed at the bottom, but took home the award for Best Animated Feature.

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Synchronized voices add a lot to your characters, most notably a file Brooklyn Nine-Nine Stephanie Beatriz, who brings to life in exile Mirabel, and Diane Guerrero, who shown on HBO GO in Hungary, Doom Patrol Starring in a series of superheroes.

As of 2017 Coco After the animation, Walt Disney brought us a Latin story again, but we can’t complain at all. In the winter months, the soul delights in this little optimism, which is smuggled into our lives through productions like Charm.

Especially when we look at how ridiculous the world will be by 2022.

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