Index - Culture - Coat of arms days before the Grammy

Index – Culture – Coat of arms days before the Grammy

Zayn Malik, the first singer to leave British boy band One Direction, mustered his courage and spoke up.Merikai record akadémia (Recording Academy) Eileen.

Malik, the 28-year-old father, not a newcomer by the way, sent the Grammy Awards organizers and operators into a warmer climate in a tweet on Twitter Tuesday. It really seems like the singer says the Grammys have been spoiled for so long, and the list of winners is predictable.

B … me, the Grammy, and all involved. Unless you shake hands and send them a gift, you can’t even hope that they will be nominated. I’ll send them a basket of muffins next year …

Nobody knows why Zayn Malik appeared on social media like this a few days before the award ceremony on Sunday night. In addition to the boy band, the singer has already released three singles albums, and in 2018 he was nominated for a Grammy Award for his joint collaboration with Taylor Swift. I don’t want to live forever Song.

else, Nobody is listening You do not have an album
For this year’s nomination, as it appeared in January, five months after the August 31 deadline. Moreover, the Grammy nominations were announced early in November …

People magazine inquired about the post, but Malik’s representative did not want to comment on the singer’s post.

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A few hours after the original post was posted on Twitter, Malik’s tweet followed another post.

My tweet was neither personal nor about eligibility: rather, the nomination process is opaque. Exception, racism and politics also play a role in the voting process.

Malik is a musician who has previously criticized Recording Academy nominees such as The Weeknd, Drake and Halsey.

In a Billboard interview in January, The Weeknd said he unexpectedly missed this year’s Grammy nominations.

I don’t know if I’m feeling sad or angry … maybe just confusion. I wanted answers.

According to Variety, famous singer A. Blind lights It became the first single to spend a full year on the Billborad Hot 100 chart.

I think we did it all well. I am not arrogant, I am not arrogant. People said they would also nominate me. The whole world told me that they folded, this will be my year. That’s why we all got frustrated. I have three Grammy Awards, which obviously mean nothing to me …

Harvey Manson Jr., CEO of the Academy, responded to the singer’s statement:

We understand The Weeknd was disappointed not to be nominated. Unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer awards for many worthy artists each year. As this is a voting based Music Awards, we continue to acknowledge and celebrate great music and support many great artists.

Drake, also famous for his scandals, shared his thoughts in an Instagram story in November, after the nominations were announced.

We have to stop feeling shocked over and over again every year about the difference between purposeful music and the prize itself. What was once the highest form of appreciation no longer means anything to current and future artists.

Shortly after Drake’s job, singer Halsey spoke out. According to him, the Grammy Award, as an idea, is an evasive operation that involves private shows, behind-the-scenes conversations, relationships, ongoing campaigns, lots of secret handshakes and, of course, it’s supposed to be bribery.

(Cover photo: Zayn Malik at the 2018 Grammy Awards.Photo: Steve Granitz / Getty Images Hungary)

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