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Index – Culture – Brexit and Scholarships: Goodbye, Erasmus, Hello, Nava!

Index - Culture - Brexit and Scholarships: Goodbye, Erasmus, Hello, Nava!

Britain’s exit from the European Union deprives tens of thousands of those wishing to study on an exchange program the opportunity to continue their studies in the United Kingdom. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has promised to replace Erasmus, a study program very popular in the European Union, with international variants.

The Erasmus program was the most useful part of European cooperation, at least to hear such and similar statements from many students.

Many young Europeans have used the Erasmus Student Program or even a volunteer program as a full-time student in the UK, but by regulating opportunities for international students, the drop in university standards is just one of the many negatives – an important source of income in the country is still not enough. Physical institutions may be particularly sensitive to smaller higher education institutions, so there is no need to fear Oxford becoming poor.

Many had hoped that the UK, like many European countries – but non-EU members (such as Turkey or Norway), would remain part of the programme, especially since the Prime Minister persuaded the student to do so last year. Looks like Boris Johnson has changed his mind…

There will be alternatives to the program, and here is an example from the field of culture.

Lifebelt from Asia

A new era will begin in 2021 for those who want to study a branch of art or design with the British, including London. The collaboration between the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore (NAFA) and the University of the Arts London (UAL) offers entirely new programs for students coming to the English capital. Courses will start from the 2021/2022 academic year, and lucky students will receive government support, which means they will have to calculate reduced tuition fees. Former NAFA students can apply for the two-year course, while those with a model certificate and a relevant non-certificate degree can apply for the three-year variant.

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University of London campuses in Camberwell, Chelsea and Wimbledon work with the Singapore School, and institutions participating in the program offer new Art and Design courses for those interested. Degrees and curricula are developed in close collaboration with companies, with the aim of reflecting and presenting the arts and progressive studies sector in Singapore. Students are expected to conduct research in their area of ​​expertise, thus ensuring their professional development and gaining a diverse perspective.

Known as a leading quality institution in Southeast Asia, the NAFA Program in London provides international students with insight into Nanyang’s view of life, and exposure to the cultural and scientific profile of Singapore. Both institutions would benefit from the relationship – at least Prof David Crowe, Chancellor of the British University trusts.

The collaboration also aims to represent NAFA’s goal, which is to encourage learning through the arts and the exploration of worldviews. The relationship with the University of the Arts London is a solid foundation for developing students’ skills and transferring their knowledge to pallets. Art and Design students also have the opportunity to gain experience at an international level while learning from the best in the profession.

Good students will have the opportunity to learn about and immerse themselves in 2D, 3D and 4D media. Design students can work with peers in other disciplines on a variety of project work. Students studying performing arts can take part in dance and theater courses during their studies.

Active participation is an expectation, students must work on internships and project work. It will be possible to spend 5-7 weeks in international placements where you can learn from renowned academics and professionals (it all depends on the current situation in Covid-19). Through exchange programs, people (and even faculty and institutional staff) can gain insight into the work of both universities.

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Incidentally, UAL is ranked second in the ranking of art and design universities according to the QS World University Rankings, and this is the first time it has graduated in collaboration with a foreign university, in this case with the help of Singapore.

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