Index - Culture - Blue Food That Doesn't Exist - The Molecular Adventures of Creative Chef Peter Varvese

Index – Culture – Blue Food That Doesn’t Exist – The Molecular Adventures of Creative Chef Peter Varvese

He prefers to stand behind others and help their careers. Not a man in vain. He doesn’t like to be special. From behind, with a scientific commitment, he is serving what will be on the table someday. Conversation Partner Pierre Vajda Peter Varvese is a food engineer and chef.

She works as a creative chef. Is it conceivable that this formation is not even a chef? The podcast reveals:

Peter answers the question of how he will now define himself:

I understand the language of science, but I will never be a Nobel Prize-winning scientist. I understand the language of the cuisine, but I wouldn’t be a three-star chef. However, there is a bridge between the two, it is imperative to be able to interpret and interpret the encounter of practical and theoretical problems.

He taught hospitality and nutrition at János Kodolányi University, and he also had a course entitled Adventure in French Gastronomy, where he tried to teach students how to think.

They talk about the relationship between smell, color and taste.

Our senses are strongly affected when we eat. Many people use strawberry and dark chocolate together. These are two parallel worlds of color and taste, they will never meet. Therefore, it is not a good idea to take them together.

how did you know? Instinctively pair flavors and colors. Today it is science.

Mozart at that time also wrote an opera in his head.

When listening to the conversation, we can also find out

  • There are complementary colors, so there are complementary flavors.
  • It’s not a good idea to work on stereotypes because we’re never going to test how good paprika is with a few drops of grapefruit cream.
  • Why are there no blue dishes
  • And why should you eat a teaspoon of vinegar before a meal.
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And we’re learning that too

Acid is the most delicate taste.

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Pierre savors! gastropodcast is on the index with a new broadcast every week.

The host is a gastroenterologist. What was said in the broadcast does not necessarily reflect the position of the index editor. We love exciting, smart, and argumentative conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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