Index - Culture - Billie Eilish's new album has been released and someone should be happy

Index – Culture – Billie Eilish’s new album has been released and someone should be happy

Billie Eilish is happier than ever, but is she for the public? The new album of the pop star “Happier Than Ever” was released, which we wrote a few months ago, and we guessed what to expect.

It’s finally available today, and though I’ll have a thousand and one more things, I still can’t wait to have to step up to the votes. The album also includes two singles released last year, So Me and My Future, as well as three singles that were part of the promotion period, NDA, Lost Cause and Your Power.

On Billy’s previous album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? The usual dark pop streak continues well on the album here and there, but unlike the somewhat homogeneous trend of the previous album, many experimental ideas can be found here. Hear the r&b sounds and softer jazz chord effects of the ’90s re-emerging in them. Previous cohort influences with current cohort music. So far, it has had such a great influence that, in addition to vocal melody, sometimes musical tracks such as bass or keyboard also play some indicative melodies, creating an effect between the specific gravity of vocals and music. On this disc, this is almost completely gone.

Where Bailey’s signature cold whisper doesn’t dominate and lead the music, there’s more to filler music, real bits of domination occurring only in one more NDA case.

The album’s drumming was heavily experimented with by various marketing ploys, and the singer’s change of style gave a huge boost to the chewers. Changing his well-used black/green hair to a platinum blonde caused almost as public a scandal as it did in the ’90s, when Jon Bon Jovi left his Lion Mane behind.

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Vogue’s photography has also thrown up a lot of dust, and it looks like it might be a bit counterproductive, but in many ways they have captured the fresh idea that came with the new sound. Bailey herself has begun to take a slightly different approach to the public issues surrounding her, and this has constituted a volatile period in the previous months. Many of Billie Eilish’s obsessed fans wore out, but in return, a few more layers of the audience expanded.

The songs also came with a bunch of lyrics videos on YouTube this time around so the channel didn’t lose hundreds of millions of views like it did on its debut album. Of course this does not guarantee that they will actually be more successful! It is difficult to predict whether this kind of variety (which in some places is already eclectic) will attract the public or provoke resentment.

Tastes and slaps, but it wouldn’t be easy to get past an album whose songs now on Spotifyon have over 150 million auditions (excluding the intro).

I myself don’t know exactly where to put this record, it slams between likes and dislikes from one song to the next. It was made demanding, but not in an audience friendly way (which I don’t think is wrong with it). What is the future of the disc will be answered over time.

Regardless, I can recommend all Billie Eilish fans, as well as those who are not averse to their personalities and their music, to give this album a shot. Depending on the first experience, if a song doesn’t pick up someone from that disc in a minute, it won’t be like the rest of the song, but if you don’t like the first song, the fifth or tenth song may still release some oxytocin (sorry, I mean endorphins).

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