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Index – Culture – As if Walt Disney were gone, Ferenc Mikulas says goodbye

Index – Culture – As if Walt Disney were gone, Ferenc Mikulas says goodbye

Recently, we have often heard and read the names of Ferenc Mikulás and Kecskemétfilm, as they appeared in the competition program of the Cannes Film Festival with a work. True, it was not an independent work The most valuable commodityThe studio collaborated in the birth of the animated film on behalf of French director Michel Hazanavicius.

As Ferenc Mikulas told Index, he had been at the helm of the workshop in Kecskimet for 53 years, but has now decided to hand over the baton as of June 1, 2024, he wrote

He could have done that, but…

Ferenc Mikulas said he is very proud of what he has created with his teammates and the staff he has coached. On the part of the audience, we can also be very grateful for that Hungarian folk talesthe Tales of King Matthias And the Tales from Hungarian history For series, or Add it Animation all night long.

Why the change?

Physically and mentally, I don't feel like I have to stop now either. In my mind, I'm still running the studio. However, I had to think that if I wanted the transition to be smooth, I had to turn in the executive tasks on time. But only so I can help the person who takes it from me. So I asked János Ban for this position as of June 1st

Santa Claus said.

The new warranty is the old one

János Bahn (who became a writer under the name Mor Bahn) himself tried his hand at painting and has had a close relationship with the studio until now – for example, as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the National Cultural Fund, he is responsible for Saints Arbadhaz Series launch. However, Pan had reservations about the switch.

Maybe this is what it was like when someone took over the company from Walt Disney. It may seem impossible for someone else to lead an animation studio, as everyone associates him with the character Fury. The fact that he would still be here, managing the tasks related to the Kikskimet Animation Film Festival and the university, was a guarantee to me that it would be worth participating

– said the new managing director.

Ferenc Mikulas is confident that the change of management will bring many positives to the life of Kecskemétfilm, and that it will be easier to implement their projects; And János Bahn feels firsthand that the studio has a mission.

(Cover photo: Ferenc Mikulas on June 22, 2021. Photo: Tamas Casas / Index)