Index – Culture – Artifacts stolen from an American museum have been returned to Italy

There was one among the 58 art treasures B.C.E. Also a marble head from Pallas Athena from the period around 200, which alone is worth $3 million.

Stolen artifacts have been recovered from the collections of private collectors and museums. 21 items from New York’s Metropolitan Museum will be returned to Italy.

looting from several countries

According to the New York Attorney General’s Office, several smugglers who used a network covering Italy to steal art treasures from unguarded locations have already been convicted. Then the objects BBC According to the United States, it was sold to American billionaire Michael Steinhardt.

An investigation was opened against Michael Steinhardt in 2017, during which it was found that a wealthy financial investor had amassed art treasures from various countries in his New York home. Last year, he was banned from buying antiques for life and ordered to return 180 illegally acquired artworks worth more than $70 million. According to the claim, many of the archaeological finds bought by Steinhardt, known as The Benevolent, were smuggled from their countries of origin during civil wars and uprisings, including Syria, Israel, Greece and Egypt, from Italy It is Turkey.

This year, New York City has already returned $66 million worth of stolen items to various countries.

The authorities have been working for years to uncover art treasure smugglers and locate the stolen objects.

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