Index - Culture - Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really a disgrace to the country?

Index – Culture – Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle really a disgrace to the country?

Member of Parliament Guy Oberman has encouraged people to boycott the new Netflix series of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who believes the royals bring shame to the country, and their behavior is incompatible with the responsibility that comes with the title they hold. , writes the daily Mail.

A racist exit from the European Union and a false guardian

The new series has caused negative reactions from many people on the streaming service provider’s side, and the couple, who have already suffered heavy criticism, have to face more serious charges. Among other things, information has spread about the program that it wants to distort the views of supporters of Brexit with racist views. Nigel Farage, former MEP, accuses Prince Harry

With his statements on the show, he portrays 52 percent of British people as vicious racists.

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant told MailOnline:

A generalized and ignorant statement that those who voted for Brexit acted out of racism. Most of them did so because they believed in the importance of our thousand-year-old nation’s sovereignty. You’d think Prince Harry would have some knowledge of history, but he clearly doesn’t. Instead, he makes ill-considered comments based on his own biases rather than facts.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Because of their series on Netflix They are also accused of spreading anti-royalist ideas, while still not giving up their titles and the privileges that come with them, as well as trampling on the recently deceased. Queen Elizabeth’s legacy.

“As a Member of Parliament for Sussex, who was born in Sussex and lived most of his life here, I am ashamed that such a husband could hold the title for our county. It is time to take back the title from those who clearly lack all respect,” MP Tim Lawton wrote on Twitter. his social media account, pointing to the imminent displeasure that Harry and Meghan bear the title of Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which the MP believes. They defile themselves with their behavior.

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Empire 2.0

The thriller docu-series, which debuted on Netflix, and whose sequel will be released on December 15, will bring in nearly $100 million in revenue for the couple. On the other side of the page, the Daily Mail highlights Harry and Meghan’s statements separately.

In this family, you are often part of the problem, not the solution. Ignorance and prejudice spread. But of course no one can be blamed for ignorance and prejudice

says the prince.

“Perhaps everyone now deals with my race, which was already a problem when I arrived in the UK. I have never been treated like a black woman before,” adds the Duchess.

While MPs and Conservative politicians from across the country are attacking the party, on the other hand, many believe that Royal family Until now, he has not distanced himself from his previous colonial ideas. Writer Kehinde Andrews believes that nothing has changed compared to the past, only “the royal family’s public relations have become better”, and other platforms and media refer to the current system as “Empire 2.0”.

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