Index - Culture - Announced by Netflix: Squid Season 2 is coming

Index – Culture – Announced by Netflix: Squid Season 2 is coming

Netflix has announced that it will be the second season and even a whole universe of its highly successful series, The Squid Game.

The first season featured a seemingly closed story, so it wasn’t clear to many if the series would be a sequel. However, the success was an unmissable trick not to brand the most successful Netflix series to date.

To this end, Ted Sarandos, co-CEO of Netflix, said recently that it will indeed be

The Squid world has just begun

Sarandos said.

And now, after the announcement, fans are guessing what the new season will be like. The story will likely continue in South Korea, but no one really can expect anything more than that.

By the way, Hwang Dong Hyuk, the series’ director, spoke in an interview last November about the continuation of the series. He said he already had ideas about what would happen in season two if it was made.

I already have in my head what the main story is going to be, we are now in the brainstorming stage.

He then said, adding that at the end of season one, the actor who won the Squid game in year two would be back as well. It is conceivable that some kind of confrontation with Kill Bill or the overthrow of the dystopian world in the series could be the goal of the character.

(via GQ)

(Cover Photo: Squid game. Photo: Netflix)

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