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Index – Culture – Al-Azhariya plays a prominent role on the island

Index – Culture – Al-Azhariya plays a prominent role on the island

After almost ten years, the evening's performer will once again be a Hungarian artist on the Seagate Main Stage. As a featured artist, Azhariya is preparing for a “packed with all the extras” concert on August 8, 2024, ahead of the final production on that day.

Al-Azharia presented itself to the Seagate audience in 2022, and with its concert, it addressed the global audience as well. In the past two years, he has dictated a dizzying pace, progressing to become the country's most streamed artist, playing sold-out concerts, and even showcasing his talent on a European tour.

Al-Azhariya is only holding a few festival concerts this year, however

Among these offerings, Sziget's presentation on August 8, packed with all the extras imaginable, will certainly stand out.

– promised the organizers of the largest Hungarian festival.

Festivals are on the table

“Sziget has always placed a special emphasis on presenting special productions by local performers on almost all stages of the festival, but we usually invite international artists to the evening's main stage bands based on our audience's wish list. However, Azharia's talent, her string of successes and her amazing fan base It has now pushed a Hungarian star to the fore, who deserves a place on the main stage of the Main Theater. “It is a special pleasure for us to be able to help increase the international recognition of Hungarian artists,” said Tamás Kádár., The main organizer of Sziget.

In addition to performing on the island, Al-Azhariya also announced several summer festival concerts via its Instagram page. The 22-year-old will also perform at EFOTT, Szeged Youth Days, Strand Festival, Plazs in Siófok and Campus Festival.