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Index – Culture – Action & Thriller No One is a huge success

The action thriller Nobody is at the top of the weekend movies list in the US with $ 6.7 million in revenue, according to MTI.

In a thriller directed by Ilya Nicholler, Bob Odenkirk plays his mild-tempered suburban dad who announces a ruthless campaign of revenge after their home is broken into. The production was well received by critics and audiences alike. They write that an additional $ 5 million tickets were purchased for the $ 16 million film in the rest of the world, bringing the film’s first weekend revenue close to production costs.

While no one has easily won the revenue contest at the nearly 2,500 American showrooms that have opened, the real weekend winner is Godzilla vs. Kong, where tickets were exchanged in 28 countries for $ 121 million. In China alone, for 70.3 million, the highest-grossing weekend-opening income for a non-domestic movie. The monster movie will begin in the United States on Wednesday. In recent weeks, Rhea and The Last Dragon have slipped to second place on the blockbuster list, while third place went to Tom and Jerry as well as live hybrid animation.

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